Category: Photo Patch

Introducing the A-1 Array by Super A-OK

The A-1 Array is a multi-camera system that captures single moments in time and creates three-dimensional animations for instant sharing. A well-dressed (and well-trained) technician will set up and break…

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The Tenba Cooper Collection Redefines Luxury and Craftsmanship

Tenba Cooper is a collection of luxury canvas and leather bags that feature the finest materials of any camera bag out there, including gorgeous peach-wax cotton canvas with full-grain leather…

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This Pocket Sized Inkless Phone Printer Makes Everything Easier

Lifeprint is a pocket-sized, ink-less portable photo and video printer that creates prints straight from your smart phone’s camera roll and social media accounts. Its “hyperphoto” augmented reality feature is…

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Snapchat: A Photographer’s Best Platform

If you are a photographer, you most likely use social media to promote yourself and share your work. To be more specific, you probably use Instagram. It might be the…

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