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    Michelle Hébert has earned an esteemed reputation for creating masterpieces that transcend mere garments and elevate fashion to an art form.
    We spoke with A!MS to get the inside scoop on his music journey, single Champione, and unreleased projects.
    Members Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine both rise to the forefront as recording artists and creatives, with one rapping and one singing. Their sound has been compared to the likes of A$AP Mob and Odd Future, but it’s important to highlight their originality.
    With a dedicated fanbase of people across the globe and over two million streams for her music thus far, Cashma is quickly becoming an artist to watch.
    Chef Drummer’s culinary experience dates back to her childhood in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In the midst of a successful career in the business world, Chef Drummer realized that she could no longer ignore her life passion of cooking.
    We spoke with Joe Moses during an exclusive photoshoot shoot in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his biggest inspiration, coaching football, fatherhood, his new project, relationship with Ty Dolla $ign, starting his own shoe line, and more.
    Akon discusses his new single “Enjoy That,” love for traveling, who inspires him most, conversations with Michael Jackson, philanthropy, making a TikTok EP, & more!
    Born in Queens, NY, and raised in South Florida, Johnny Billionz has a sound like no other. At the age of 13, he cultivated his passion growing up by writing songs, producing, mixing, mastering, and rapping.


    Working with hip-hops biggest artists, Dan Folger knows how to photograph them and supply them with the freshest jewelry.

    The young designer utilizes iconic and nostalgic trends including the current millennial pink, old-school silhouettes, embroidered floral prints, clueless-inspired plaid, and novelty teddy bears.

    A lot of us love food, but Brian Lindo found a passion for it growing up in a Jamaican household full of tasty Caribbean dishes. Born and raised in Long Island NY, Brian studied finance at Boston College and now lives in Manhattan, NY. He seeks delicious food and monumental experiences working

    With thousands of followers, Curry is one of the top Instagram influencers in Minneapolis who captures delicious foods inside bars and restaurants.

    Madison Martina is an American model, influencer, and blogger. Her work ranges from print work, promotional work, magazine publications, editorial to e-commerce modeling, commercials, and more.

    Marcel Katz who also goes by The Art Plug and Monsieur Marcel is really challenging the way we think and trade contemporary art.

    In early 2013, Lauren saw potential with her 200,000+ followers and quit her job to become Austalia's first professional Instagrammer.

    Explosive stage presence isn't enough to describe the way Nik West moves, wows, and shocks crowds everywhere.

    Now with more vision than ever, ARTLANTA is making his mark on the art world with his recent art piece of Muhammad Ali selling to Keenan Beasley for over $40,000. 

    Alisha is a 23 year old foodie, fashionista, youtube personality, social media strategist, global traveler, businesswoman, entrepreneur and the list goes on. -I put 100 percent into everything that I do or else I don't do it. -I want to inspire other young women to pursue their dreams and to know that