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    How To Find the Lowest Cost Auto Insurance Rates

    How To Find the Lowest Cost Auto Insurance Rates

    The year, the brand and model of the automobile, the safety features, the theft rate, and your driving record are just a few of the variables that affect your auto insurance prices.

    The type of coverage you choose also impacts your rates, as do credit scores and age. You can save money by shopping around and comparing rates. Getting new quotes when your policy renews is also a good idea.

    Drive Safely

    A lot of factors impact your car insurance rates. One big factor is the type of vehicle you own. Another is your ZIP code — some areas experience higher-than-normal rates of accidents and theft, which can raise costs. Your driving record also influences your rates. For example, an at-fault accident typically raises rates by 45%. You can lower rates by going claims-free for a certain number of years. You can also save by raising your deductibles. Taking advantage of all the discounts available is a great way to lower your rates. For instance, you can get cheaper rates by having a good credit score, bundling home and auto insurance, or participating in a usage-based program. Other discounts include military service, professional or alum organization memberships, and safe-driving courses.

    Shop Around

    If you want the best rate for your auto insurance, you need to comparison-shop. The easiest way to do this is to use an online quote aggregator,, or to work with an independent insurance agent.

    Ask for a Discount

    Several firms give discounts for combining vehicle insurance with homeowner’s, renter’s, condo insurance, or extras that reduce the likelihood of an accident. Some companies also offer discounts for loyalty, such as a discount on premiums for drivers who renew their policies a week or more before the renewal date. Some insurers also give discounts to students, seniors and members of certain organizations or associations which offer cheap liability-only car insurance in most states and discounts to military personnel or veterans and their families. Remember, no one company has the cheapest car insurance for everyone. Choose your vehicle carefully; vehicles with high theft rates or powerful engines typically cost more to insure than other models.

    Avoid the Installment Option

    While there is no such thing as no down payment car insurance, there are ways to reduce your premium. One is to pay your annual policy in one lump sum instead of in installments. Insurance companies charge an installment fee when you make multiple payments to cover the costs of more frequent payment processing.  However, there may be better options than paying upfront. It requires access to a large amount of cash, which may be difficult for some drivers. In addition, paying in full may allow you to repurpose the money for other expenses or savings goals.

    Take a Defensive Driving Course

    Many states allow insurance providers to discount drivers if they take a defensive driving course. The course will teach you common accident-preventing techniques and can also remove points from your record. Defensive drivers look ahead and behind to ensure road safety by leaving a safe following distance from other vehicles. They also scan the road for potential hazards and prepare by checking weather conditions before driving. You can find defensive driving courses online or in person. However, online courses are more convenient as you can work on them at your own pace and log in and out whenever you have time. You can even do it on your lunch break!

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