Betting On The Next Celebrity Death

Celebrity death pool gambling is a morbid type of betting.

It involves placing stakes on the celebrity who will die next. Many people have a murky understanding of dead pool betting.

Some of them claim that death pools are extinct. But, some casinos allow punters to predict the next celebrity’s death. Read on to learn more about celebrity death pool betting.

Predecessor Death Pools

Death pools were created in the twentieth century. They combine pop culture with fantasy sports. Punters select up to twenty celebs who will die in a year. Each correct prediction earns them several points. Generally, gamblers subtract the age of celebrities from 100 when they die, to calculate their total point value. It is wise to choose young celebrities to garner more points.

Single Celebrity Special

Celebrity death pools are different from other types of bets. Sportsbooks provide high odds for public figures who are about to die. They usually research on individual celebs before they set odds on them.

Most punters who are compassionate or empathetic to individual celebs don’t enjoy placing single celeb special wagers. For example, online casinos in Canada allow gamblers to predict whether Bill Cosby will die in prison. They can give to betting options, hey, hey, hey -450 and no +250. It shows that most people aren’t sympathetic towards Bill’s current state. His heinous deeds might have displeased them in the past.

Death Matchups

Bookmakers set odds of when several celebrities will die. Some firm pair celebs in death matchups comprising of several betting options. For instance, books can match Artie Lange with Demi Lovato. Both celebs don’t have any similarities besides being addicted to heroin. A betting firm would, so, create a wager of the celebs who will succumb to a heroin overdose first. The sportsbooks reword wagers to attract punters.

Here are two common types of death matchups:

Group Death Matchups

Betting firms create different categories of celebrities based on their traits and life experiences. Punters select celebs from a particular group. Here is an example of a group death matchup

Bill Cosby +200

Jerry Sandusky +150

Jerri Lee Lews +250

Harvey Weinstein +600

Roman Polanski + 800

A group matchup can comprise of celebrities who are convicted or those suffering from chronic illnesses. You can wager Jerry Sandusky since he is old and vigilantes can easily attack him in prison.

One-on-One Death Matchups

Renowned sportsbooks offer different forms of celebrity death gambling. They can group celebs with one variable in the same pool. At times, they offer odds for celebrities will outlive a particular condition or period. Head-to-head matchups are the most popular type of celebrity death matchups. Punters select any celebrity who they hope will die soon. You can pick a matchup of celebs with mental disorders or those battling with drug addiction.

The following are some examples of one-on-one death matchups:

Carol Burnett (-250) vs Betty White (+260)

Magic Johnson (-200) vs Charlie Sheen (+230)

Artie Lange (-180) vs Demi Lovato (-140)

Dead pools are common in Europe and the United States. Online bookies offer odds for different celebrity deaths. They often use the most renowned celebrities worldwide. Celebrity death gambling is harder than sports gambling. But, it has better odds. It is necessary to read the latest celebrity news to be a successful death pool gambler.

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