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    Top Network Cabling Issues Businesses Need To Be Aware Of

    Top Network Cabling Issues Businesses Need To Be Aware Of

    Network cabling is the application of network cables to connect and transfer data and information between various devices, like computers, routers, switches, and storage area networks.

    Network cables can relay data from individual computers and large network mainframes. They can also be applied as part of the large infrastructure in organizations.

    Network cabling issues businesses need to know of

    Companies use network cabling because they offer numerous benefits. However, there are significant risks involved in applying network cabling. Below are some network cabling issues all businesses need to be aware of;

    Poor network cabling can affect a business’s productivity

    In the current digital era, everything operates on the internet. Therefore, the effects of intermittent connectivity on businesses are dire. For instance, poor network cabling can affect productivity in an organization. Research shows that employees lose several hours’ worth of work thanks to slow connections and network or broadband outages every year. This can affect a businesses’ overall performance by taking sales and reducing customer retention.

    The cables sprawl over the years

    One common network cabling issue the cables encounter is sprawling throughout their lifespan. Businesses often have to reach out to data cabling services to maintain their network cabling. The maintenance companies often have to retrofit new parts into existing cabling structures. With time, this can cause disorganization and nightmares within the system. A messy and disorganization in the system can result in significant issues. When issues occur, your business may experience long downtimes because repair teams may have a problem tracing the problem. While this is an important issue, it is not impossible to resolve. The best solution is to adopt a well-organized labeling system for the cables.

    Component mix and matching

    Businesses use a wide range of devices and equipment which require varying types of cables working within the same network. This increases the risk of cable and component mix and matching as the network becomes complex. Mixing and matching the components can cause performance issues including poor connectivity and network performance issues.

    Location! Location!

    The location can also cause significant issues for a business. To start with, the location determined the right type of cable. For instance, the cables used in noisy factories or within the walls of a noisy factory require special shielding to protect from interference. Therefore, failure to consider the location when selecting network cables can cause significant issues. Additionally, the distance between devices and routers also determines the ideal cable type and the overall network cabling design. When choosing perfect network cabling based on the location, you must also consider the office or building layout. For instance, the network cabling for an open space floor plan differs from one used in a traditional cubicle office.

    A building’s structure and age can also cause additional challenges in network cabling. For example, older buildings are not designed for cable routing. On the other hand, modern structures like hollow walls and raised floors in modern buildings can make cabling easier. Data cabling installation experts can anticipate your organization’s cabling needs based on your location and structure.

    Network cables can become outdated

    Network cables are bound to become outdated. Outdated cables may not support fast speeds and suffer significant performance issues. Therefore, upgrading your network cables and adopting modern systems would be wise. Businesses also often start future-proofing their cabling structures to avoid poor performances in the near future. The backbone cabling system also requires a constant update. The backbone cabling system serves as the skeleton that traces through a building and connects an entire network to the internet.

    Understand that not all cables are created equal

    You must also understand that not all network cables are equal. Therefore a system that works for another business may not work for yours. All cables also do not meet all specific industry standards. However, some network cabling service providers dupe their clients by providing them with cables that do not fit current industry standards for competitive pricing.


    Understand that cheap cables and improper network cable installation can affect businesses’ operations because of poor connectivity. They can also cause physical disasters like fires from cable sparks. You can minimize the risks above by contacting experts. Contact ACCL today for the best network cabling solutions.

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