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    How To Finally Fix Up That Home Bar

    How To Finally Fix Up That Home Bar

    Having a bar in your home is the ultimate indulgence, and can make your place the de-facto hangout for your friends after a long weekend.

    Of course, some people are more than happy to accommodate this. But it’s not just about having a home bar that counts – after all, all you really need is a countertop and some chairs for such a provision, but designing the space to properly emulate that sense of comfort and style can be a great deal of fun, especially from a design perspective.

    So, let’s discuss how to finally fix up that home bar for the better. Without further ado, let’s consider some of the following options:

    Perfect The Seating & Countertops

    Comfort is king when it comes to a bar, but you don’t want people to snooze in an armchair after a few nightcaps, you want to inspire conversation. For this reason, it’s nice to curate a welcoming atmosphere with good seats that keep people upright. Stools at a bar can be comfortable, but make sure they’re height adjustable and can be turned to face one another (without someone having to shift their seating position back and forth). The countertop should also be large, robust, and easy to clean, especially from spillages. Some might opt for very ornate options like marble, but reclaimed wood can be a fantastic option, only if it’s been treated correctly to prevent soaking in those aforementioned spillages in kind.

    Integrate Indulgent Lighting

    A bar should be well-lit, and that doesn’t necessarily mean using clinical overhead lighting to remove any shadow. Mood lighting is the operative term here. You could even have the name of your home bar rendered in tube lighting, use RGB strip lights to add a sense of ambiance, or even use period lampshades to give a little historical class to the space. This is all your choice of course, but there’s no shame in going a little overboard and having fun with it, so that the ambiance of your time spent with friends is absolutely unmatched.

    Express Style Through Bar Apparatus

    It’s fun to express some of your personal style through the various purchases you make for the bar. For example, you might prefer to have an old-school record player in space for a sense of that old-school authenticity, perhaps even purchasing jazz albums to feel like a detective in a hard-boiled noir. Alternatively, you can carefully arrange your liqueur so the most prestigious bottles take center-stage, or cool shot glasses designed with unique characteristics to wow your guests.

    You can also have fun with the surrounding decors if you like, such as by taking crisp posters of old movies, framing them and lighting them from above. It may seem indulgent to make this space completely of your taste, but that’s what you get to enjoy if you invest in your home bar. Authentic personality is almost always better than any other approach you could take.

    With this advice, you’re sure to curate a home bar that will be the talk of all your friends.

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