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    Save Money on Your Business Water Bill by Switching Suppliers

    Save Money on Your Business Water Bill by Switching Suppliers

    One of the main ways to save money on your business water bill is to switch to a different water supplier.

    Unlike households that have to stay with designated water suppliers, you are allowed to change your business’s water supplier if it is based in England or Scotland.

    If your business is based in Wales, you can only change the water supplier if your business uses over 50 million litres of water a year. You can find out who your business water supplier is by checking your water bill. There are numerous ways that your business and you as an entrepreneur can save on your water bill, which also comes with a lot of benefits.

    Reducing Your Business Water Bill

    Water Audit

    In order to determine your business’s water usage, you should conduct a water audit. This can be done by you or one of your employees. The alternative is to hire an auditor that visits your business and conducts a complete audit of every part of your business that involves water. This includes infrastructure, supply, usage, drainage, and previous bills. The auditor’s report will give a clear indication of where your business is using water adequately and where changes are necessary. Suggestions on how your business can save money on water bills are included in the report. Auditors can also come back later and make sure that your business is making full use of their water-saving suggestions.

    Compare Water Suppliers

    There is a big chance that your business water rates are too high and lead to more expensive bills. You can do research on different water suppliers and look for one that has the most benefits for your business. Or you can make use of comparison companies like Business Energy Comparison and compare business water rates on this website. These companies have professionals who specialise in comparing water suppliers in order to find the one that offers your business the best package according to its needs and budget. By making use of these comparison services, you and your employees can continue with your business activities while someone else does the research for you.

    Switch Supplier

    As mentioned earlier, switching to a different water supplier can save a lot of money for your business. But before your switch, make sure that your current water supplier isn’t able to provide your business with a better deal. A different water supplier could not only have a better deal for your business but also provide better customer and support services. Make sure that the package doesn’t include things that you don’t need. Consider the possibility of making use of the same supplier for water and sewage services. Before switching to a new supplier, all of your business’s water bills have to be paid, and all of your details are correct.

    Smart Meters

    If your business uses traditional water meters, your water supplier has to send someone out to take a reading when drawing up your bill. A cost that is added to your bill. Some suppliers make use of an estimated reading, resulting in an inaccurate reading of your bill and incorrect charges. Your business can switch over to a smart meter that sends your usage data to the supplier every 15 to 30 minutes. These meters not only give extremely accurate consumption readings but also help with leak detection.

    Smart Technology

    Nowadays, you can invest in different kinds of technology to increase your business’s water efficiency. Water-saving technology includes dual flush toilets, taps with timers, and showers with sensors. These items are investments that provide results within a few months. There are smart water technologies that help you get a better picture of how much water your business uses every day, which can help you to reduce your business’s consumption. Some of these technologies even work with AI software and can alert you when water usage gets too high.

    Effective Consumption

    Being more effective regarding water usage at your business will guarantee that your water bill gets reduced almost immediately. You have to keep an eye on how much water your business uses and keep track of it. Clean, maintain, and repair all pipes and equipment that use water. This will ensure that your equipment functions correctly and effectively. You will also be also to fix small problems before they become major and expensive issues. Check regularly to make sure that there aren’t any leaks present.

    Involve Employees

    None of your saving measures will mean anything if you don’t involve your employees in water-saving efforts. Make sure to provide training and education so that everyone has the necessary information. Explain to them why you are trying to save water and the relevant goals that you want to reach. Put up posters in necessary areas with instructions that are easy to follow. Appoint a team of employees who will make sure that water-saving measures are enforced and keep everyone in good spirits regarding the initiatives. Make sure that there is constant motivation for everyone to keep going. This can include vouchers, cash bonuses, and other incentives.

    Go Green

    Your business can make use of environmentally friendly ways to save on its water bills. Water can be recycled and used in industrial areas. You can make use of greywater from sinks, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and other places to water the garden flush toilets. Rainwater can be harvested and stored in tanks for later use. Harvested water can be used in the garden, kitchen, bathroom, and for washing vehicles. It can also be used when a fire must be doused.


    This article looked at different ways that your business can save money on its water bill. These methods involve water audits, comparing water suppliers, switching suppliers, smart meters, smart technology, effective consumption, involving employees, and going green. It is briefly mentioned that households can’t change their water suppliers, while businesses can.

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