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    New Ranking Crowns Del Amo Fashion Center In California As One Of The Best Malls For Christmas Shopping

    New Ranking Crowns Del Amo Fashion Center In California As One Of The Best Malls For Christmas Shopping

    New data has identified which major US mall is the best for Christmas shopping this year, based on various key factors – with California’s Del Amo Fashion Center placing sixth, and Minnesota’s Mall of America crowned top.

    • A new ranking has revealed which major US mall is the best for Christmas shopping this year, with California’s Del Amo Fashion Center crowned sixth
    • The ranking scored each mall based on visitor crowding, parking availability, and costs, variety of stores, refreshments, and opening hours
    • The data also shows which malls are best when shopping for specific recipients, with Aventura Mall in Florida also named the go-to for men’s gifts
    • Meanwhile, California shoppers will have the easiest time shopping late, as South Coast Plaza boasts the most accommodating opening hours

    The ranking, created by Yocan Vaporizer, awarded each mall a score out of 10 based on how busy they can get, the parking availability and cost, the variety of stores available, the number of eateries, and their seasonal opening hours, to name the most accommodating.

    Crowd levels compared daily footfall to the mall’s size, while parking looked at all-day costs and the total spaces. Stores and eateries looked at which mall had the most of each listed in their directory, while availability considered weekday and Sunday opening hours.

    When all factors are accounted for, the best mall to do your Christmas shopping this year is the Mall of America in Minnesota, which scored 8.3 out of 10 overall.

    The mall performed particularly well for both parking and the number of shops listed in its directory, with 13.9k parking spaces available – all of which are free to use all day. There are also almost 500 stores available (483), meaning shoppers have plenty of places to browse.

    Minnesota shoppers who struggle to make it to the mall during the day are in luck, as Mall of America is open 11 hours on most days and for a generous 8 hours on Sundays.

    However, the mall could feel quite congested at times due to its high average daily footfall (109,589 visitors) – especially given December sees the highest number of shoppers.

    This year’s second-best mall for seasonal shoppers is the Aventura Mall in Florida, which scored 5.7 out of 10. It was the top performer for opening hours, as shoppers can visit for 11.5 hours on most days and 9 hours on Sundays.

    Rounding out the top three best malls for festive shopping this year is the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, which scored a respectable 5.7 out of 10 in the ranking.

    The mall was one of the top performers for parking alongside the Mall of America, with 12k spaces available and parking costing just $5 all day. The mall also has accommodating opening hours, as it’s open for 10 hours most days of the week and 7 hours on Sunday.

    The Del Amo Fashion Center in California was one of the best malls for parking space availability, with 11.8k available and free to use. The mall also proved fairly good for those buying gifts last minute, with three department stores on the directory.

    10 Best Malls for Christmas Shopping in America





    Top-Performing Factor


    Mall of America


    8.3 out of 10

    Parking and Stores


    Aventura Mall


    5.7 out of 10

    Opening Hours


    King of Prussia Mall


    5.7 out of 10

    Number of Stores


    Sawgrass Mills


    5.4 out of 10



    Del Amo Fashion Center


    5.0 out of 10



    Ala Moana Center


    4.9 out of 10



    Millcreek Mall


    4.9 out of 10

    Crowd Levels


    South Coast Plaza


    4.3 out of 10

    Number of Stores


    Lakewood Center


    4.2 out of 10



    Palisades Center

    New York

    3.9 out of 10


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