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    Shelton Haynes on the Start of Construction on Riverwalk 9

    Shelton Haynes on the Start of Construction on Riverwalk 9

    Nestled in the East River, Roosevelt Island is located directly across from Manhattan’s Midtown area, giving its residents a wonderful escape from the bustle of city life.

    However, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s (RIOC) CEO, Shelton Haynes, is working to bring more traffic to the historic island. Among these actions is the FDR Hope Memorial, as well as a monument to journalist Nellie Bly, both of which were unveiled in 2021. As part of a strategy for improving public relations to encourage investment, the island’s development has increased significantly under his tenure.

    Changes Along the Riverwalk

    As part of this development push, real estate developers The Hudson Companies and Related Companies have closed on a deal securing the $185 million to complete the apartment building Riverwalk 9. As a 28-story structure that will be the final building in Riverwalk, the 19-acre complex consisting of over 2,000 apartments, the venture was started in 1997, making this the pinnacle of 25 years of development on the island. The 357 apartments in the building will include 253 market-rate apartments as well as 104 market-force housing apartments for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Affordable housing makes up 40% of the project’s units.

    This kind of development gets Shelton Haynes excited. He has long seen the potential for growth in the area. Still, prior CEOs have yet to be willing to move forward as aggressively, thwarting development and making the island a well-kept secret. “I cannot wait to get shovels in the ground to unveil our latest investment that will continue the tremendous economic boom we are experiencing,” Haynes stated in a recent press release.“Once completed, Riverwalk 9 will spur further job growth, create new housing, and contribute nicely to the beauty of Roosevelt Island.”

    Roosevelt Island Operation Corporation Riverwalk Upgrades

    Slated for completion in 2025, Riverwalk 9 will include a fitness center with views of the East River, a basketball court, and beautiful outdoor spaces, including grills, public areas, and a dog run. Office spaces will also be included in the new structure, including RIOC’s new headquarters. Though the 12,000-resident population retains a small-town vibe, Roosevelt Island is emerging as a hot spot in the Big Apple, with open fields, tree-lined streets, and abundant parks. Low-density housing provides beautiful views of the United Nations building, One World Trade Center, and similar architectural wonders.

    Shelton Haynes Improves the Community

    “With economic development booming, this construction is proof that people want to come to Roosevelt Island, to live, work, and invest in our community,” RIOC CEO Shelton Haynes stated.

    Heading up a state-run agency isn’t easy, but Haynes does it well, overseeing the parks, sports facilities, public buildings, roads, public transportation, and public safety. As a champion of fresh development on the island, he encourages residents, visitors, and tourists to take in the island’s businesses, restaurants, parks, and other attractions. With a single bridge coming over from Queens, the island has terrific public transportation options, including a cable car and subway stop to help improve transportation to and from the island.

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