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    Where Fitness Meets Nostalgia: Recess Fitness Expands

    Where Fitness Meets Nostalgia: Recess Fitness Expands

    Dallas’ Largest Independent Gym ‘Recess’ Expands.

    In response to the COVID-induced gym closures, personal trainers Taylor Metzger and Evan Duncan transformed Taylor’s backyard into a creative fitness haven, crafting innovative backyard-themed exercises that evoked the nostalgia of childhood recess. This sparked the idea for a novel gym concept that’s become a hit in Dallas.

    In December 2020, the duo opened ‘Recess Fitness Club,’ an 18,000-square-foot independent gym in Dallas that reimagined the fitness experience with a unique playground-inspired design, featuring swings, ladders, artificial turf, and ivy-covered walls. Dallas’ largest independent gym quickly reached its membership cap, prompting the team to open a second location.

    On September 16th, ‘Recess’ unveiled its ‘Class @ Recess’ program in a spacious multi-level studio. Picture daily recess-themed fitness classes, each designed to cater to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, whether it’s ‘Boarding School’ for balance or ‘Detention’ for an invigorating post-weekend sweat session. This expansion signifies a pivotal step in their continuous mission to provide Dallas with a fitness haven that fosters a strong sense of community, where everyone can feel like an integral part of something more than just a typical gym.

    Key highlights of ‘Recess’ include:

    • Innovative recess-themed exercises and decor, featuring swings, ladders, rope climbs, artificial turf, punching bags, a Nintendo station, and a slide to exit from the third to second floor of the studio!
    • The introduction of the ‘Class at Recess’ program, offering a variety of daily fitness classes in the newly opened studio, including unique class names like ‘Boarding School’ for Heroboard Pilates or ‘P.E.’ for low-intensity hybrid.
    • Recess Field Day events, featuring sack races, tug-of-war, egg-on-spoon races, obstacle courses, and more.
    • Relax & Recovery: Theragun station, infrared saunas and an outdoor patio with a view

    Click here to gain access to Dallas’ largest independent gym with an abundance of benefits.

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    Where Fitness Meets …

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