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    1,000 Americans Value, Collect, and Shop for Footwear in 2023

    1,000 Americans Value, Collect, and Shop for Footwear in 2023

    Dive deep into KURU Footwear’s survey on Americans’ favorite shoe styles, unravel the eternal debate between comfort and style, and explore the diverse values associated with shoe collections nationwide.

    KURU Footwear presents a comprehensive survey that delves into the intricacies of footwear preferences across America, offering valuable insights for both consumers and enthusiasts. Here are some highlights.

    Favorite Shoe Styles: Sneakers are America’s favorite style of shoes (28%), with slides (12%) and running shoes (10%) following closely. This indicates a strong preference for comfortable and versatile footwear.

    Comfort vs. Style Preference: A significant majority of Americans (76%) prioritize comfort over style when it comes to footwear. This suggests a growing trend towards practicality and functionality in shoe choices.

    • Diverse Shoe Sizes: New Mexico boasts the largest average shoe size (12.5), while Vermont and Wisconsin have the smallest average shoe size (6). This highlights the variation in foot sizes across different states.

    • Popular Shoe Colors: Black is the most favored shoe color in America (44%), with white (17%) and blue (8%) following. Neutral colors dominate, indicating a preference for versatile and timeless footwear.

    • Shoe Collection Value: The majority of Americans estimate the value of their shoe collections to be between $101-$200. Utah stands out with the highest-valued collections, with many valuing their collections at over $1,000. This reflects a wide range of investment levels in footwear.

    • Number of Pairs Owned: On average, Americans own four pairs of shoes each. Maine, Wisconsin, and Arizona exceed this average, with individuals in these states owning over 21 pairs. This suggests a range of shoe ownership habits, from minimalists to collectors.

    • Online vs. In-Store Shopping: A substantial portion of Americans (40%) primarily shop for shoes online, while 60% prefer shopping in-store. This highlights the ongoing shift towards e-commerce in the footwear industry, but also the enduring appeal of physical retail experiences.


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