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    5 Ways To Make Accessories the Secret Weapon Of Your Style

    5 Ways To Make Accessories the Secret Weapon Of Your Style

    When it comes to giving your style that extra special edge, accessories can be the secret to enhancing the simplest outfits into a unique eye-catching extension of you.

    Something as simple as an accessory like a watch can be complementary and an accentuating component of your get-up. But what should we consider when making accessories the secret weapon of our style?



    One of the most common pieces of advice when it comes to accessorizing is to experiment, but you have to bring the balance in, especially when it comes to your overall outfit. For example, if you are opting for rose gold jewelry in the form of a necklace that you hope will make a big statement, you’ve got to step back and consider something simpler to complement it, such as smaller earrings. As great as it can be to go for an eclectic approach, balance is always going to result in a far classier outcome.

    Opt for Quality

    So many people make the mistake of thinking that you should make a big impact by having more. Less is more, but it can also be more versatile depending on the quality of accessories you purchase. So many of us think that we need to constantly rotate our wardrobe and accessories to keep everything fresh. Instead, opt for quality pieces that are more versatile so you can pair them with a variety of outfits, and you can truly save these accessories. If you are in love with an accessory and you want to bring it out at every cocktail party, this is going to make you feel better in yourself, so you will exude that confidence as well.

    Use Accessories to Supplement the Basics

    A basic wardrobe collection can seem dull, drab, and uninspiring, but this is where accessories can look stylish when paired with something colorful. A simple plain white shirt in combination with an eye-catching belt or colorful scarf will work wonders.

    Be Careful When Layering Accessories

    This goes back to the notion of less being more. Layering accessories can add a lot of depth, but if you clutter the look, this will make for a very contradictory and confusing style. Keep it simple and opt for a few pieces that work well together. Once you’ve found two or three approaches that you know work together, you can keep bringing them out for those amazing events where you want to make a big splash.

    Be Very Careful with Trends

    The right accessories like a watch or a bracelet should be timeless, and while trends can be a great way to experiment, it’s better for you to choose one or two trendy accessories that you can incorporate into your style while keeping the rest of the look evergreen or timeless. Trends are so easy to dive into, which is why we should look at the bigger picture and see if these things will invariably stand the test of time.

    Remember, your accessories can be your secret weapon, but they are there to complement your personality and style, rather than being the focus.

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