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    Exploring Beauty Beyond Boundaries: A Conversation With Digital Creative Director Alice Chen On Her Inspiring Fashion Short Film “Alice”

    Exploring Beauty Beyond Boundaries: A Conversation With Digital Creative Director Alice Chen On Her Inspiring Fashion Short Film “Alice”

    Alice Chen, a New York-based content creator, has recently completed her namesake  fashion short film “Alice.”

    This captivating film showcases a diverse definition of beauty and celebrates individual uniqueness.

    We sat down with Alice and delve deeper into the inspiration behind the film, her personal experiences, and her journey as a content creator.

    Can you share with us the inspiration for the film? 

    Alice: The inspiration for the film revolves around my personal growth and experiences. I  wanted to express the feeling of being alone in a foreign country, chasing dreams,  dealing with reality, the challenges faced by women, and my transformation over time.

    What was the most impressive thing for you during the short film shooting?

    Alice: Working with the Creative Director, Mae, was the most impressive aspect for me.  As I walked towards the light created by the team, Mae constantly encouraged me,  saying, “Alice, keep moving forward, don’t look back.” It truly made me feel like my life journey was progressing.

    How about the biggest challenge during the shoot? 

    Alice: The biggest challenge for me was conveying different emotions through my eyes. Instantly summoning the right emotions on the spot is not easy, but I gave it my best.

    We noticed you carrying the THEYKNOW Gem Bag in the film, which is characterized by simplicity and elegance. How does that translate into your style?

    Alice: In my closet, I have a variety of clothes for different occasions. Some are perfect for vacations, others for everyday commuting, and some for casual grocery shopping. I  genuinely love the design and quality of the THEYKNOW Gem bag. I carry it with me everywhere and style it in different ways. I adore items that hold endless possibilities.

    What is the biggest anxiety in your life right now? How do you try to relieve stress? 

    Alice: The biggest anxiety in my life right now is the uncertainty about the future. I worry that the path ahead will be full of obstacles, especially in the era of self-media where success can be challenging. To relieve stress, I strive to stay fresh by constantly gaining insights and cultivating a distinctive style to keep up with the industry.

    You mentioned feeling “lost” in self-growth. Can you share more details?

    Alice: I experienced a profound sense of being “lost” when I was sixteen and studying in  London. The city was vibrant and filled with information, and there were countless things  I wanted to do. However, it became challenging to focus on my studies and live in the present moment. It felt like the box of life suddenly burst open, and I was ill-prepared to handle everything that came my way. It took a couple of years to find my direction.  Looking back, I am grateful for that period of feeling lost as it allowed me to explore and experiment at a time when the cost of error was relatively low.

    As you describe your journey from “wrapping yourself tightly” to “letting yourself out and showing yourself,” how did you overcome body shame? 

    Alice: Overcoming body shame has been a gradual process for me. It involved personal growth, life experiences, and seeking professional help through counseling. After graduation, I went through a long period of confusion and turmoil, where I struggled to accept anything related to myself, including my appearance. I battled insecurities and disliked my body shape. With the assistance of a therapist, I began practicing mindfulness exercises, shifting my focus towards positive affirmations instead of self-deprecating thoughts.

    Over time, I experienced a transformation from within as my self-acceptance grew. It’s not solely about physical appearance, but also about embracing and valuing oneself as a whole. Learning to love oneself and letting go of societal beauty standards gradually diminishes the weight of body shame.

    It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-compassion.

    We heard that the film is divided into three parts. Will you participate in the follow-up filming? 

    Alice: Absolutely! The film consists of a prologue, Part 1, and Part 2. We have already completed filming for the first part, which focused on a city setting. I’m excited to be part of the remaining two parts as well.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, can you tell us how you discovered your inspiration for your own style? 

    Alice: On my journey to finding my own style, I never restricted myself to a specific style.  I believe that girls should be versatile in their fashion choices. Fashion should be enjoyable and allow us to express different aspects of ourselves. To find inspiration, I  experimented extensively. I tried on various clothes, explored different styles, and discovered what resonated with me.

    Can you tell us about your next ongoing project? 

    Alice: My next ongoing project involves building my own studio in New York. It’s a new venture for me, and I’m eagerly looking forward to creating a space where I can bring my ideas to life and connect with others in the industry.

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