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    What Can We Learn From The Style Evolution Of Harry Styles

    What Can We Learn From The Style Evolution Of Harry Styles

    Harry Styles has been winning our hearts since his initial X Factor appearance back in 2010 when his boyish good looks and great voice saw him cast into a boy band that went on to become a little-known group called One Direction.

    No longer simply associated with the saccharine pop world, Styles is now both a respected artist and a fashion icon famed for creations put together by his iconic stylist, Harry Lambert.

    While Styles was always on the edgier version of straight cut (even his earlier styles were somewhat reminiscent of Mick Jagger), Styles’ relationship with Lambert, which began back in 2014, has seen him working with some of the most iconic designers of our age. And he’s flaunted a pretty impressive fashion backlog as he’s done so, including that cardigan, and many more iconic trends.

    But, what exactly can we learn from the style evolution of Harry Styles, and how can that help our own fashion pursuits?

    Lesson 1: Being yourself is always best

    Harry Styles has given us many iconic looks over the years, and even when we think it can’t get better, each one wows us more than the last. Why? Perhaps because, aside from just wearing the odd quirky outfit, Styles has now established his very own kind of fashion, and his outfits match his look more and more each time. From diamond Gucci suits to polka dot sweater vests and those iconic feather boas, you simply can’t deny that Styles is now 100% himself in every public appearance. It’s a heartening thing to see in an industry that often favours public appearances over personal preferences, and it’s a lesson in how we could all look better by embracing our true fashion selves.

    Lesson 2: The best Styles are unexpected

    The styles of Harry Styles are nothing if not unexpected, and aren’t his most outrageous outfits his best? From the time he took to the Scottish stage in a mens kilt, to the moment he donned a dress on the cover of American Vogue, Styles simply knows what to wear to get people talking. And, typically, his unexpected looks are the ones that make the best statements, whether that’s about recognising traditions, challenging gender norms, or just saying hey, we don’t all have to wear the same old things to look great!

    Lesson 3: You can probably stretch fashion limits further than you think

    Harry Styles is pushing fashion limits to breaking point. After all, who would’ve thought that a sheep-emblazoned vest would look good? But, in pretty much every fashion move Styles has made, it’s impossible to deny that he’s looked great and sent a pretty clear personal message in the process. So, last but not least, the Style evolution of Styles shows us that the limits of fashion are nowhere near as clear cut as a lot of us treat them.

    Why not step outside your norms, and see if you can rustle up some Styles inspiration in your wardrobe?


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