Birth Control Prescribing & Delivery Service, Pill Club, Launches In 12 States

First Ever Online Contraception Platform Gives All Women Access To Contraceptives + More.

Pill Club, a birth control prescribing and delivery service, is excited to announce the availability of contraceptive prescribing in 12 US states. Pill Club empowers women with freedom to decide and more affordable access to a medication. Currently, they deliver birth control to 48 states and prescribe in 12 states.

Pill Club is the first and largest online birth control delivery and prescribing service in the United States. Pill Club is able to prescribe patients their birth control completely online. Using a private, online health questionnaire, members save time and maintain confidentiality.

How it works

  1. The patient creates an account with Pill Club, answering a series of simple questions that will serve as their health history.
  2. Once complete, Pill Club’s medical team will review the patient’s health history and request for birth control. The team coordinates with the patient via text message the entire way to keep them up to date.
  3. If the medical team approves the patient’s profile, Pill Club will write a prescription for the most suitable birth control method based on the patient’s preferences.
  4. When the patient’s prescription is written and ready to be delivered, they’ll text a tracking link so the patient can track their care package.

Pill Club is the first one-stop shop in the nation for birth control. From prescription to delivery, everything is handled under one roof with personalized care. They have over 120 brands of the birth control pill as well as the patch (Xulane®) and ring (NuvaRing®) in stock. In addition, they can provide emergency contraception upon request to have on hand.

Members receive their birth control in discrete care packages with gifts, making the entire experience more enjoyable. Each delivery includes free stickers or art prints, condoms, and samples from empowering product partners. Past collaborations include Good Clean Love, Cora, Tree to Tub, and small businesses on Etsy.

Pill Club empowers patients with the freedom to decide and advocates for independence in women’s sexual health. With the ability to prescribe in more states, greater numbers of women have an affordable and delightful birth control experience. Pill Club hopes to continue to foster a support network and safe space for patients and non-patients. Somewhere that they can share their experiences without the stigma that normally surrounds birth control.

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