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    Discovering the Art of Photographer Karen Peralta

    Discovering the Art of Photographer Karen Peralta

    Photography is more than a form of art for Karen Peralta; it is the way she perceives the world.

    From the moment she was introduced to photography by EJ, her partner in crime, she discovered the appreciation for the simplest things in life. From the way clouds form in the sky, to the beauty of blue hour from sunrise and sunset, to how crucial low tide is in order to be able to capture a beautiful wave movement while shooting a long exposure; those are some of the smallest details that Karen has learned to appreciate from a photographer’s perspective.

    EJ has been her inspiration, and the most patient and best teacher possible, sharing his knowledge and skills in both capturing the best composition and executing a great edit. Each day, she thrives on getting better knowledge and a better understanding to be able to excel in her passion. After all, there is always more room to learn and grow.

    Karen doesn’t perceive the world by standing still.

    No, Karen is a bit of a traveler/wanderer. This wanderlust drives her to explore new locations, discover the beauty of her surrounding, and make new friends along the way. Traveling has been an added bonus to this passion of hers since it not only allows her to shoot wonderful locations but to enjoy the beauty and serenity of each place she comes across.

    She was an amateur photographer based out of Los Angeles, when she began utilizing the skills she learned by shooting her home; Hiking seven miles round-trip to the Hollywood sign was strenuous work, but she was satisfied with the outcome of her shot. She’s had the pleasure of going on long road trips including one to Utah, crossing three states on the way (California, Nevada, and Arizona) until reaching her destination – the beautiful Arches National Park. Karen and EJ also believe in spontaneous trips, like the weekend trip they planned to Seattle to shoot its divine beauty as well as meeting up with some of Seattle’s most reputable photographer friends. They shot endless amounts of photos but also played tourists in that wonderful city.

    Photographing the world means always bringing a camera.

    By meeting friends met through Instagram, friends who are always willing to show her the best shooting locations of the great Empire State, Karen never misses an opportunity to shoot the world around her.

    Landscape photography is one of her keen interests; however, she was also moved by the fast-paced feel of cityscape photography and the soothing, peaceful feel of seascape photography. Sunrise shoots remain one of her all-time favorites since she’s always been a firm believer that the bigger the sacrifice (sacrificing sleep) the better the reward (a delicious sunrise).

    With a new city that she now calls home, the adventures get more exciting each and every day. Shooting the Golden Gate Bridge is fascinating, and discovering the hidden gems San Francisco has to offer makes for a polished experience. She has compiled a set of photos from her favorite adventures that she sincerely hopes you will enjoy.

    Follow her journey!

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