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    Erykah Badu Previews Her New Mushroom Tea, Following That Badu Cannabis Strain

    Erykah Badu Previews Her New Mushroom Tea, Following That Badu Cannabis Strain

    Erykah Badu is the queen of all queens, and her accomplishments extend way beyond the music industry.

    At 52 years old, the Dallas, Texas native continues to shut down stages all around the world, performing timeless hits such as “On & On,” “Bag Lady,” “Window Seat,” “Tyrone,” and many more. She’s even been deemed the “the Godmother of Soul” for her contributions to the genre. But now, Badu has her eyes set on something new: the cannabis industry.

    As someone who’s always been an advocate for marijuana, Badu recently celebrated the release of her new strain titled That Badu, in conjunction with Berner’s Cookies brand. In addition to the high-quality flower, she will be releasing bongs, rolling trays, edibles, and an entire female-focused weed product lineup.

    Badu recently teamed up with Belgian visual artist Rhymezlikedimez to release the first ever short animation of “Badu’s Forbidden Fruits,” which was brought to real life as Badu hid her apple bongs in select cities on the Unfollow Me Tour. Completely in line with her song “Appletree,” badu is giving back to her fans by allowing them to partake in the festivities and the chance to receive a big prize for those who find the apple bong.

    Beyond cannabis, Badu is also a huge advocate for shrooms and is excited to launch her own mushroom tea line.

    During a recent Zoom meeting with Badu and select media, The Fox Magazine had the opportunity to ask Badu what her favorite ways of consuming cannabis were, as well as what fans can expect down the pipeline.

    What is your favorite way of consuming cannabis?

    Let’s see, three ways. My first favorite way is smoking, of course the smoke. I prefer a pipe or something, no paper. I want the flower, because that’s what is doing work for me. My second favorite way is in food or tea, or infused in something that we consume because it absorbs into the blood differently. So if you’re looking for that, you do it that way. My last favorite way is tincture. Tinctures are a very concentrated form of THC and the cannabinoids. They can prescribe a tincture to you for something that you need, depending on what the cannabinoid does. They concentrate more THC or more HU-210 or more Marinol. Or more Delta 9, 10, or whatever it is they need in that compound.

    Do you plan on expanding your brand to more than just flower?

    Yes, I have. I recently included psilocybin. in very small doses, so it wouldn’t be psilocybin. They don’t consider psilocybin when it’s under an amount of grams, but it still is. The way I’m packaging, it’s legal. It’s mushrooms in their highest form, grown in a controlled environment. I have two teas that I’ve created, that I’m selling under the Cookies brand and their mushroom team. They’re called That Badu. The name of my weed is That Badu, and the name of the mushrooms are That Badu Technology. In the form of teas, I sell them in loose flowers or already encapsulated little bags.

    I love mushroom tea, so that excites me!

    I have one for the morning, one for the evening. The one for the morning is more energetic, it has natural caffeine in it. The herbs that are surrounding the plant or the fungi all activate energy. Peppermint is in there, maybe eight other herbs. The one for the evening, same thing. We put relaxing herbs that could coagulate with the psilocybin.

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