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    Getting To Know The Authors Lisa Cox And Erin Lopez Of Best Selling Book: I Decide

    Getting To Know The Authors Lisa Cox And Erin Lopez Of Best Selling Book: I Decide

    The best-selling book is a mindset they have coined and have developed this book as a resource and guide to those who are looking to unapologetically step into their own power and own their lives.

    This book provides tools to motivate and encourage you to step inside your best life. There is even a journal that can be purchased along with it which helps you become accountable and mindful of how you reach your goals.

    Erin Lopez and Lisa Cox are two powerhouse women who have come together to write an empowering book called “I Decide”. Whether it’s relationships, career paths, personal growth, or overcoming challenges, “I Decide” provides a roadmap for readers to embrace their inner strength and confidently make decisions.

    Lisa Cox is the CEO of Live Clean Lisa and is well known throughout the home-based direct sales and social retail industry for her experience, knowledge and passion for improving the lives of others. The gift of having the flexibility to raise their two beautiful and successful daughters motivated her to inspire others to chase their ultimate financial and time freedom life. She’s a multimillion dollar earner and an advocate for health, fitness, laughter and clean living. She specializes in helping others, have a healthier life, age gracefully, build online businesses and grow themselves to the person they want to be the most!

    Lisa was featured in the book Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrod and is a popular stage speaker and success trainer. Her top goal is to lead by example in maintaining balance in our own life while helping others be the entrepreneur of their whole lives. Erin and Lisa are co-authors of the best-selling book, Social Impact: A compilation of professionals in the business today that have come together to bring you the top strategies they use to build 6, 7, and 8-figure Network Marketing businesses.  

    Erin is a wife, a mother and entrepreneur behind A Lopez Lifestyle. A well sought after speaker, author and leader in the direct sales industry, she brought her 25 years in the fashion industry to build an entrepreneurial business to help others find success. She quickly built a multi million dollar business while raising their beautiful children, inspiring her family and other families to find time and financial freedom within their home. Erin brings her grace, humor and a great pair of shoes on her mission of teaching others how to have a healthier lifestyle, teaching the art of branding and becoming the very best version of themselves. 

    We interviewed with Lisa and Erin about the process of writing their latest book!

    Where are you both from originally?

    Erin: Originally from Kansas City

    Lisa: From Southern California

    How did you meet? 

    We met at a mutual friend’s house where we were both vendors for our respective companies. We instantly clicked, realizing we both had entrepreneurial hearts and felt as if we were kindred spirits. We talked most of the evening and went our separate ways keeping in touch on social media! Little did we know, we both separately were hoping for the day we would cross paths  to work together both knowing we could create something BIG.

    What was the inspiration for the development of the “I Decide” book?

    On a work trip in Las Vegas to be interviewed for our business success and to be a part of a private training with Tony Robbins,  we realized we shared the desire to write a book to inspire others. Knowing we had the knowledge, the experience and the stories from years in our business – it was time to share with others how to DECIDE to live out their very best lives.

    How do you think and want people will benefit from this? 

    We hope they see the power within themselves to change the areas of their lives that need change.  Whether it be feeling stuck, frustrated, powerless, at their low point or even stagnant – that this book will give them the tools, the encouragement and the action steps to move forward.

    What was one thing you did that exceeded your expectations when you all began writing the book?

    Oh my gosh, we spent hours laughing, crying, zooming together that will forever be ingrained in our hearts during the process of writing this book. We knew the process of writing the book would be challenging but we didn’t expect the gift of ‘I Decide moment’s that would be shared with us from countless others. The continuous stories and people that reach out to us is validation that our book was the first of many in the I DECIDE movement.

    What does success mean to you all? What are your rules for success?

    Success means freedom to us. We spend our days teaching others how to build their mindset, their business, and their wealth to give them a lifestyle, time, and financial freedom. Our only rules are to never put a timestamp on success. And never compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 8.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    Impact inspires us. Knowing we have made and will continue to make an impact on others is what inspires us to jump out of bed in the morning and keep going.

    What’s something people would be surprised to learn about both of you?

    We are much taller than we look on zoom! We may come across as very professional entrepreneurs but most are surprised when meeting us that we are down to earth, silly and love to bring joy to a room.

    What is your favorite or original motivational motto, quote or words to live by?

    Believe you can and you’re halfway there. – Theodore Roosevelt

    Any special shoutouts?

    Always! We are forever grateful to those who inspired our book, our contributors for sharing their courageous stories, our husbands and families for believing in our vision.

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