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    Important Reasons To Have Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

    Important Reasons To Have Bathroom Mirrors With Lights

    Many households are embracing lighted bathroom mirrors because they add a nice, elegant touch to the room.

    The right mirror can make your bathroom counter look more luxe. Imagine getting ready in your bathroom or beauty room with the perfect lighting and mirror.

    Many people choose backlit mirrors to avoid the hassle of having overhead lighting. It’s unflattering and more challenging to change. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or upgrading outdated furniture, a Hollywood-inspired mirror is a must. Here are the reasons why.

    1. It matches any aesthetic.

    It’s no secret that lighted mirrors make your bathroom more attractive to you and your guests. They’re the perfect addition to turn your bathroom into a small vanity. Whether you have a minimalist or modern farmhouse home, an LED mirror will blend seamlessly.

    2. It’s excellent for makeup application.

    It’s impossible to apply makeup flawlessly without proper lighting and a good mirror. A backlit mirror has both, allowing you to do your beauty or skincare routine with ease. Plus, if you don’t have access to natural light, the built-in LED illuminates the face perfectly.

    3. It’s efficient.

    There are many vanity mirrors on the market that have built-in lighting. But since you’ll be spending long hours in front of the mirror, you need to find one with lighting technology that doesn’t overheat. Wall-mounted mirrors with lights are much more efficient because they fit any room, including the bathroom. You can also place it above your dresser or a desk-turned-beauty table for that DIY touch.

    4. It adds drama.

    Vanity mirrors aren’t widely popular for bathrooms yet, but trust us when we say how they can transform your bathroom into an elegant space. The soft glow from backlit mirrors creates a dramatic effect and illuminates the room without casting any harsh shadows. Even if you’re not in there to get ready, the bathroom will be a real treat to guests with the ambiance you set up.

    5. It’s easy to install.

    Contrary to their more intricate build, backlit vanity mirrors are easier to install because you can easily mount them on the bathroom wall.

    Finding the Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors for Your Bathroom

    If you’re on the hunt for a new vanity mirror with built-in LED lights, we got you covered. Wherever you are in the world, you can get your hands on high-quality mirrors thanks to international shipping! Here are some recommendations that are worth your dollar.

    • Lumina Pro’s Hollywood Mirror With Lights is a real treat for beauty enthusiasts. What makes their mirror so unique is the built-in Bluetooth speakers and screen touch-sensitive controls. Simply connect your phone or Bluetooth-enabled device to power up the dual speakers located on either side of the mirror. The mirror has frosted LED bulbs with fully adjustable color temperatures (6400K, 3000K, and 4200K).
    • The Integrity Lighted Mirror With AVA by Electric Mirror provides a most natural feel daytime light color. With the touch switch, the mirror light can be turned on/off and adjust the brightness at a simple touch. The Lighted Mirror with AVA is the next staple in every modern home.
    • The Vanity Wide Vertical LED Mirror Kit by Robert Sonneman from SONNEMAN Lighting offers a complete LED vanity solution: two powerful LED bath bars, a high-quality glass mirror with safety backing, and low-profile mirror backing channels. Its bath bars boast a 3in profile while producing an astonishing 800 lumens per foot, perfect for performing detailed tasks. Featuring an optical acrylic diffuser and a polished chrome metal finish, Vanity is the ideal lighting solution for any modern bathroom.
    • Vanity mirrors with lights from Lightology are designed to maximize direct illumination. Ideal for precision tasks such as makeup application and shaving, the mirrors feature tunable white LED lights that allow you to select the color temperature. Select between 6500K for a day of outdoor activities, 4600K for your daily routine, or 2700K.
    • The Rin Round LED Mirror by Huxe is a sleek and simple piece that brings a serene glow to any space. Gracefully curved, this circular mirror has a thin, risen edge that serves as a slight guide for the soothing light that emits. A plate of shining metal mounts to the center, contrasting with the white acrylic glass ring around it. An integrated, energy-efficient LED emits a clean and even glow that gently spreads into the area.

    Elevate Your Bathroom Mirror

    Lighted vanity mirrors are an investment because they’re efficient, stylish, and an absolute bang for your back. If you’re looking for a sign to buy a high-quality mirror, this is it!

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