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    Science Says These Are The Crunchiest British Chips You Need To Try On Your Next Trip To The U.K.

    Science Says These Are The Crunchiest British Chips You Need To Try On Your Next Trip To The U.K.

    From rustling packets to loud crunching, we’ve all felt self conscious about eating chips in public.

    But have you ever wondered which chips cause us to make the loudest munching noises, and which are the quietest for enjoying while out and about?

    Betway asked snack lovers to test 10 popular chip types, from Wotsits to Doritos, revealing which emit the highest decibels using an online decibel meter, so you can decide which are the safest to next take with you on a public outing.

    Hula Hoops Take the Crown as the Chip With the Loudest Crunch, Reaching Almost 75 Decibels

    Hula Hoops are a fan favorite amongst Brits, however the results of the experiment suggest that they might be best enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Shockingly, crunching on a Hula Hoop can reach 74.50 decibels on average, which is around the same level as road traffic and vacuum cleaners.

    The highest crunching sound emitted from a participant when eating Hula Hoops during the experiment reached 81 decibels, which is around the same noise level as an alarm clock.

    Nik Naks come in second place as the loudest chip to crunch on, reaching 69.17 decibels on average. Meanwhile, Doritos comes in third place where crunches reach 68.83 decibels on average.

    Skips Are the Quietest Chips, With Crunching Reaching Just 54 Decibels on Average

    It might not come as a surprise that Skips revealed to be the quietest chip to eat, with crunches reaching just 54 decibels on average. The quietest recorded crunch reached just 46 decibels, which is defined as being around the same noise level as a quiet library.

    Wotsits came in second place as the quietest chip to munch on, reaching 56.67 decibels on average. Experienced chip eaters will know that letting chips like Wotsits and Skips dissolve in your mouth is the least offensive way for eating these types of salty potato snacks.

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