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    Artist Brooke Stilla Releases New Single: too much

    Artist Brooke Stilla Releases New Single: too much

    Pop and R&B artist Brooke Stilla dropped her new single, too much.

    The single was created after Brooke caught her anxious attachment style and toxic traits in her relationship. Instead of just writing about it in her journal, she brought her thoughts and feelings to life and wrote the new single too much.

    too much delves into a past relationship where she felt labeled as clingy, needy, and “too much.” This single reflects Brooke’s perspective. She apologizes for her perceived excessiveness and overthinking ways. Upon reflection, Brooke questions if it was truly her who was “too much.” Maybe the other person lacked understanding of heranxious attachment and overthinking tendencies. It explores how we can justify and even come to believe negative feelings of self-doubt when you hear them from the one you love.

    Fierce yet meditative vibes captivate in this R&B/pop fusion, setting the stage for raw lyrics, honest emotions, and an infectious melody. The song invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences, resonating with relatable themes of self-discovery and relationship dynamics.

    too much came to life on the 31st of July 2019 in scenic Oakville, Ontario. Produced by Neo Tempus and co-produced by myself, the collaborative songwriting session also involved Alan Kulka and NOA (Noa Vlessing). I can still recall the studio session vividly, brimming with enthusiasm as we crafted each section. In particular, the line “I’ll be your Rachel, you be my Ross” added an irresistible touch, paying homage to the back and forth couple and the universally adored series, Friends.

    About Brooke Stilla

    Toronto-based, Aussie-born songstress Brooke Stilla, is the perfect irresistible blend of sweetness and spice. With infectious pop melodies and soulful R&B influences, Brooke creates music that resonates with listeners worldwide.

    Stilla’s songwriting is deeply personal and vulnerable, allowing her to connect on a profound level with her audience. Her sweet, rich, and raspy vocals breathe life into her lyrics, which touch on themes of self-love, mental health, heartbreak, and empowerment. She fearlessly shares her stories, becoming a much-needed influence in the music industry.

    As a live performer, Brooke’s charisma, attitude, and poise command the stage, captivating audiences with her powerful presence. Her choreography serves as an extension of the meaningful messages conveyed in her lyrics, enhancing the overall impact of her performances.

    Following her debut on The X Factor Australia, Brooke has had the privilege of sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Mel B, Throttle, LunchMoney Lewis, Eskimo Joe, Jai Waetford, and Aston Merrygold. These experiences have further honed her talent and shaped her artistry.

    Expanding her horizons, Brooke has journeyed across the globe to North America to nurture her career. Immersed in the vibrant music scenes of Nashville, Toronto, and Los Angeles, she has collaborated with top producers and writers, elevating her craft to new heights. Her latest releases, including the captivating tracks “Thirsty” and “not over getting over you,” provide a glimpse into the exciting musical journey that lies ahead.

    Brooke Stilla is an artist on the rise, an authentic voice with a powerful vision. Her fusion of catchy pop melodies and meaningful storytelling sets her apart in the industry. Keep an eye out for Brooke as she continues to make waves and share her remarkable talent with the world.

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