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    Get To Know That Mexican OT And His Devotion To Rap Career: “I’d Be Doing This If I Was Broke”

    Get To Know That Mexican OT And His Devotion To Rap Career: “I’d Be Doing This If I Was Broke”

    That Mexican OT is having a viral moment, and he’s here for every second of it.

    Hailing from Bay City, Texas, the rising star has been rapping since he can remember, and now he’s using his platform to give back to his roots. Whether it’s putting on for his home state of Texas or the vast Mexican community all around the world, That Mexican OT is here to represent, one banger at a time. 

    Exploding onto the scene in 2018 with his breakout single “Plan C,” alongside fellow Texas rapper RoddyRodd, That Mexican OT quickly followed it up with his critically-acclaimed debut mixtape titled South Texas Project. But That Mexican OT isn’t just inspired by the South. Something fans may not know is his influences from the lyricism of East Coast Hip-Hop, which he combines with the trill, bass-heavy sound from down South.

    Most recently, That Mexican OT unveiled the official music video for “Johnny Dang,” featuring Drodi and Paul Wall, which currently boasts over 11 million views and counting. The standout visual sees a guest appearance from the legendary Johnny Dang himself, who’s best known for being one of the most well-respected jewelers in the game.

    Beyond the music, it’s That Mexican OT’s free spirit and down-to-earth personality that fans gravitate towards most. Fans can expect his forthcoming album titled Lone Star Luchador arriving soon, on July 28th.

    The Fox Magazine spoke to That Mexican OT in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his sound, his roots in Texas, what inspires him the most, how he got his name, “Johnny Dang” going viral, his forthcoming project, losing his mom at eight, goals, and more!

    For those who don’t know, who is That Mexican OT?

    Shit, I’m just a Texas Mexican. I’m just another fuckhead in line. [laughs]

    How would you describe your sound? 

    My sound is very Southern. I do got that lyrical shit. I did glorify the East Coast growing up. I was a huge fan of a Big L, he’s my favorite. 50, there was a lot of people that I was really into from there. Jadakiss, Big Pun, all that. But I’m from the South, so I still got that groove in me. So it’s a little mixture of that East Coast and some Southside. 

    You’re from Bay City, Texas. Where’s that located?

    Bay City is about 20 minutes south of Houston. I’m from the countryside of Houston. Personally, I’m in the hood, doing what I do. Chillin’, enjoying it. It wasn’t too much out there. My uncle was one of those rappers, they’re ones that got me into it so I had them to look up to. We’re not far from Houston, about an hour 30. We definitely still reppin’ Houston, we just a little country town. 

    Growing up, did you always wanted to rap? 

    Rap? Hell yeah. I’ve been rapping since I was 4 years old. My daddy would wake me up before school. He’s like, “son, you ready to whoop ass?” I’m like, man I gotta go school. He’s like “fuck school. You ready to rap or what?” Man, fuck it let’s go. 

    Was he a rapper? 

    No. He was just proud of me. He loved my tenant.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration. Who or what inspires you the most? 

    A lot of SoundCloud, because I was always in trouble. I never really had phones and things like that. I would have to flirt with girls to get them out their phones, I’d text them. They would have SoundCloud, so I used theirs. People with 500 plays, 50 plays sometimes. Sometimes 100,000 plays, that’s what I glorified.

    How’d you get your name, That Mexican OT? 

    I was rapping one day. My real name is Virgil. It was OTV, on the verge. But then I started being in the hood, growing up fast. My big bro’s like “I ain’t gonna call you OTV, it’s too long. I’ma just call you OT.” Eventually, my boy Drodi said, “man, you That Mexican OT. You that Mexican out of Texas!” My boy Jordy was the one that named me, that tall motherfucker right there. [points to friend]

    Is that your crew right here?

    Yeah. This is my little doggy right here, I’ve met since the sandbox. He’s my DJ, we make music. I grew up rapping with him. We really grew up playing ball, we played baseball together. This my dawg Nate, with the label I got on from Western Copenhagen. This my boy Drodi, these two right here are my everyday motherfuckers. That’s my manager BDon. These two right here with the two necklaces, these are Texas legends right here. Pioneers of the Texas sound, without a doubt.

    Let’s talk about “Johnny Dang,” that’s my guy. 

    Yeah? I’m finna be in Vegas with him [at Champs].

    How’d it feel for that song to go viral?

    Shit, it’s viral. Ain’t nothing to it, just enjoying the music. Taking it day by day. I’m grateful that my fans are loving it, and respecting it. It’s literally a piece of my head, and there’s a lot of pollution in that man. [laughs] It’s a bunch of ignorance, a bunch of fun shit, a bunch of dumb shit. So I’m glad that they love it.

    Did he make your grill?

    No actually, I’m waiting on it though. I had my grill before I even blew up. I had my grill when I was nobody.

    How’d you get the money?

    Figured it out. [smiles]

    Best memory for the video shoot? 

    When I realized I was sitting there real life cheesing. I felt like a kid. Hell yeah, I realized in that moment like yeah, this is cool. Then being able to flex my grill with the king of bling himself, he’s known for that. I grew up seeing that.

    Did you anticipate that song would go up?

    Mmmm, I knew it was going to go crazy because I got a vibe and shit. But I didn’t think it was going to go like that. 

    10 million views, that’s pretty good.

    It’s alright. This project I’m finna be dropping on July 28th, I got a lot of range in there. Even the song I dropped yesterday, “Barrio.” It’s at 250K views. [now one million!] Got Lefty SM on there, from Guadalajara. He’s from out there in Mexico.

    What can we expect from the Lone Star Luchador? What does that mean? 

    Lone Star is Texas, then Luchador is a Mexican wrestler. I’m a Texas Mexican, I’m a Tejano. I felt it was a perfect representation of both, the Lone Star and it’s very Texas. It’s known for what it is. Then the Luchador, it’s a very Mexican culture thing. I grew up loving wrestling, so it was a perfect symbol to represent. 

    I could see you wrestling. 

    Yeah, back then. Definitely. I’ve always wanted to special guest on WWE. I’m a huge fan.

    What was the highlight from touring with Ohgeesy? His shows are crazy.

    Yeah, crazy. They’re cool man, then the way I fuck it up… My favorite part of this music shit is performing. My favorite shows were the ones where they didn’t know me, because a man’s first impression is everything. I get to fuck them up every time. Just that first impression and seeing their faces, those are my highlights. 

    Losing your mom at eight years old, how do you feel that affected you into the man you are today? 

    Shit, I’m fucked bro. I got mama issues. Shit, you figure it out brother. 

    Is music kind of your therapy? 

    [shakes head]

    What do you do for therapy, or self-care?

    [shakes head] I don’t know what I do. I don’t think I focus on that. I’m just focused on my music, what I love to do. I don’t know what else to do. I’d be doing this if I was broke. 

    Do you have any goals for yourself?

    Yeah, just be happy with what I got going on, whatever that is. I don’t know what it’s going to be, I just want to be happy.

    Anything else you want to let the people know?

    Man, I’m grateful for everything I got going on. I’m thankful for y’all doing it for me man, I can’t do it without y’all. I’m excited for everybody to hear what the fuck else I got going on. I’m excited to see how the rest of my friends inspire me to do more. 

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