More Than Music with The Vinci

Music to me is a journey to find yourself. Within every lyric, over every beat, and within the depth of silence that a brief moment of musical rest brings, I am confronted with myself. And I have been trying to discover myself for quite a while. My first vivid impressionable memory of music was when I was 9 or 10 years old and I was in my room in the back of a trailer with no electricity. But, I had a CD player. I would sit in the dark and listen to Eminem’s First CD… the one with the pill on it, and Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory”. That was when music was embedded into my subconscious.

The love for music led to ordering my own keyboard while also teaching myself to read music and play the piano. Guided by mentor Steven Bond the trek started with producing. I have been given the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to the world renowned Patchwerk Studio’s and participate in contests. I have gone from nothing to being a Sound Engineer at NF Records in Bowling Green, KY, but always continuing to grow.

My goal as an artist is to find myself. As a product of mistakes, I hope I can inspire others to find themselves, too. Hopefully, I can reach the kids that are just like I was and show them they can make it through whatever difficulties beset them. My new single, Boxed In explores just that. Dwelling into the low-points of life and how to get through it. I’ve been at my lowest, I know what it’s like. Although I’m still growing, have to stay inspired to get out of those times in life!

“Artist don’t wonder ‘What is it good for?’ They aren’t driven to ‘create art’, or to ‘help people’, or to ‘make money’ They are driven to lessen the burden of the unbearable disparity between their conscious and unconscious minds, so to achieve peace.” David Mamet – Three Uses of the Knife

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    More Than Music with…

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