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    London-Based Multi-Hyphenate Nissi Unveils New Single Featuring Fireboy DML: Nobody

    London-Based Multi-Hyphenate Nissi Unveils New Single Featuring Fireboy DML: Nobody

    London-based musician, creative entrepreneur, and multi-hyphenate NISSI is excited to announce her sophomore EP UNBOXED.

    Following a series of rousing performances this summer at The London Stadium, New York’s Citifield Stadium in New York, and the GelreDome in the Netherlands, along with show-stopping appearances at BergenFest in Norway and the AfroNation festivals in Detroit and Portugal, Nissi announced her sophomore EP UNBOXED. Set for release via Spaceship Records and EMPIRE on October 6, the eagerly anticipated project is available for pre-order after September 15. To amplify the excitement even further, Nissi also unveils her captivating new single ‘NOBODY’ featuring afrobeat superstar Fireboy DML.

    Produced by multi-platinum-selling musician and producer TSB (J Hus, FLO, Stormzy), and co-produced by Kigali and Eyes, ‘Nobody’ is centered around the profound themes of love and loyalty. Drawing from her own personal perspective on love, the infectious pop song, with R&B and afrobeat sensibilities, sees Nissi and Fireboy DML underscoring the permanence of loyalty, a bond that remains unyielding even as looks and individuals may change over time. The poignant lyrics portray the steadfast connection between two people, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. As the track unfolds, listeners are drawn into the powerful narrative of enduring love and the unbreakable ties of a devoted relationship.



    Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Nobody’, Nissi says, “The inspiration for ‘Nobody’ comes from a place deep within me, a realization about what love truly means. To me, love is about absolute loyalty. It’s the kind of loyalty that remains unwavering even when everything else fades away – people, looks, you name it. Loyalty is that eternal flame that never dims. ‘Nobody’ is a celebration of this profound connection, centered around love and loyalty. When the idea for the song took root, I knew I wanted to explore the theme of two individuals who are willing to move mountains for each other. It’s that unbreakable bond where nothing else matters, where they’re ready to defy the world just to be together”.

    Detailing how the song came together, and what it was like working with Fireboy DML, the rising star adds, “The process of creating the song with Fireboy DML flowed seamlessly. There was a natural chemistry between us, and our ideas bounced off each other effortlessly. It was a collaboration that felt entirely unforced, as if the music was simply coming together in the most organic way. The songwriting journey felt so refreshingly natural, like a conversation where each word and melody just fell into place with ease. It’s those moments when creativity feels like second nature that truly make the process magical. Together, our collaboration paints a vivid picture of a connection that’s pure and loyal”.


    London-based Nigerian talent Nissi is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music, art, and engineering. With a distinctive Afrojazz sound, she masterfully combines her deep passion for music with her aptitude in engineering, product design, and visual art. This multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, who burst onto the scene with compelling tracks like ‘Criminal’ and ‘Pay Attention’, as well as her critically acclaimed debut EP IGNITE, has also marked her presence with massive collaborations alongside international sensations such as Stromae, BackRoad Gee, and Major League DJz.

    Beyond her musical endeavors, Nissi’s expansive creativity knows no bounds. Her impressive collaborations notably extend to prominent brands such as Range Rover, Flannels, and Havana Club. A Mechanical Engineering graduate from the prestigious University of Warwick, Nissi’s intellectual pursuits have led her to speak at renowned platforms like the ‘Ideas Speakers’ festival, where she delved into the ‘Dynamic Creative Force’ that drives her forward. She’s not just about creating art; she aims for her work to resonate, inspire, and encourage individuals to be authentically themselves.

    Nissi’s international acclaim, evident from her scene-stealing performances at prestigious festivals across the globe, and her millions of YouTube views, stands as a testament to her unique blend of artistry and ambition. Above all, she is a staunch and vocal advocate for women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment, embodying the belief that the narrative of the African woman’s limitations urgently needs a revolutionary shift and transformative. Nissi Ogulu is the embodiment of a modern-day Renaissance woman, continually pushing boundaries and inspiring those around her.


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