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    Myrne Releases New House Single: Carousel

    Myrne Releases New House Single: Carousel

    Producer/DJ MYRNE is making his biggest stride into energetic dance music yet with “Carousel,” his latest single.

    After a glistening selection of singles since 2022, MYRNE presents an updated vision of the dancefloor that pulsates with feeling – a vision that he recently took on the road for a successful US tour, where he performed at stops that have been “bucket list” venues since he first started out in music.

    “Carousel” features strains of classic house and futuristic trance that combine into something deeply euphoric and spacious. Its robotic synths and vintage Roland TR-909 drum samples are imbued with an angelic presence: the voice of singer-songwriter Catali, who collaborated with MYRNE on the track.

    MYRNE built off a vocal idea he received from her a year ago. Catali later reconfigured the blueprint of the song’s tech-house foundation to include a healthy dose of progressive trance – a style of dance music that MYRNE grew up with, but had yet to incorporate into his music and live shows.

    “I love making sample-based music with repetition. Looping vocals was one way I paid homage to that,” he explains about Catali’s contributions.

    MYRNE also pays tribute to the evolving shape of modern EDM – one that was essential to inspiring him in his music-making journey. “I’ve always been phenomenally inspired by that era and have made a lot of good memories in that time,” he says. “The first video I’ve ever watched on music production – while it was still a hobby – was Avicii in his In The Studio feature.”

    Looking back at his progress, the artist, now established as one of Southeast Asia’s golden stars in the genre, feels more invigorated than ever as an artist and a dance music fan. “I’ve finally firmed up on creating what I truly enjoy and had a lot of fun in the process.”

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