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    Neek Bucks Releases New Project: Thankful

    Neek Bucks Releases New Project: Thankful

    Neek Bucks, a rising star in the hip-hop scene, dropped his highly anticipated project titled THANkfuL on December 15th via Virgin Records.

    On THANkfuL, Neek Bucks reflects on his journey, expressing gratitude for the highs and lows that have shaped his career. The 9-track project is a testament to his growth as an artist and the lessons learned along the way. With a unique blend of raw authenticity and infectious energy, Neek Bucks continues to cement his story.

    To celebrate the release, Bucks releases a new music video for the opening track “Shouldn’t Say” Watch it HERE! Followed by the release of “Wait,” featuring none other than Rowdy Rebel out at 3 pm via YouTube.

    THANkfuL features a diverse range of tracks, each offering a glimpse into Neek Bucks’ artistic evolution. Songs like “No Emotion featuring Millyz and the visual paint a clearer picture of the meaning of the project title. From introspective storytelling to high-energy anthems, the project is a dynamic showcase of Neek Bucks’ versatility as an artist.

    Neek Bucks shared his excitement about the project, saying,

    THANkfuL is a reflection of my journey and what I’ve been through but more importantly how I feel. It’s my way of giving back and expressing appreciation for the experiences that have shaped me.”

    THANkfuL Tracklisting:

    1. Shouldn’t Say
    2. A Million
    3. Tears Falling
    4. Wait ft. Rowdy Rebel
    5. 1942 Interlude
    6. NonChalant
    7. No Emotion ft.Millyz
    8. Thankful
    9. Wrong Time

    Neek Bucks, a trailblazing force in the hip-hop landscape, has cemented his name with a unique blend of raw lyricism and charismatic energy. Hailing from Harlem, Neek Bucks has emerged as a distinctive voice, seamlessly navigating the realms of street narratives and introspective storytelling within his music. With a career spanning over the years, Neek Bucks has consistently delivered compelling projects such as El Barrio, Neighborhood Hood, and Blessed to the Max that showcase his evolution as an artist. His discography is a testament to his versatility, featuring a range of tracks that resonate with listeners on a personal level. Neek Bucks’ commitment to authenticity has garnered him a dedicated fanbase and positioned him as a rising star in music today.

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