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    Omb Peezy Reveals Introspective New Single: The Streets

    Omb Peezy Reveals Introspective New Single: The Streets

    Gold-selling artist OMB Peezy releases his introspective new single “The Streets” off his forthcoming album Le’Paris, out December 1st.

    Soaring with Gospel-style harmonies, Peezy uses his emotional bars to reflect on a life-changing revelation.

    OMB Peezy shares: “It’s how I feel about the streets. I’ve got to move away from the streets before I have an early demise. I’ve got the opportunity to change my whole family’s life and I’m not going to waste it.”

    “The Streets” follows his previously released tracks “Think You Ready” and “Never Change” with Detroit rapper Peezy – all featured on his forthcoming self-titled sophomore album Le’Paris. The album unmasks the artist behind the moniker and reveals the layers of his personal journey as a man and father.

    “I’m talking about different stories in my life and what I’ve gone through,” says OMB Peezy on his new album. “I’m telling you about the real me. This is who I am. I haven’t talked about where I come from, so I’m trying to tell the world how I feel. I’m in a space right now where I have to grow as a man. Sometimes, I get mad. Sometimes, I want to get away from the streets. Sometimes, I want to grow. Sometimes, I don’t. This is Le’Paris.”

    About OMB Peezy: Mobile, Alabama native OMB Peezy has created his own path to Hip-Hop stardom by talking about the only thing that matters—the truth. After gaining the world’s attention with over 20 million streams and a successful run of mixtapes including 2022’s MisGuided hosted by DJ Drama, the 26-year-old lyricist returns with his sophomore album Le’Paris. The album is the product of a prodigious rising rap star whose natural talent as an artist has thrived from self-growth, being a father, and collaborations with music’s elite. OMB Peezy has turned a new page and now stands tall, masterfully in his craft.

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