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    Singer Madé Releases New EP: Joanina

    Singer Madé Releases New EP: Joanina

    Madé, singer, and songwriter, releases a new EP titled JOANINA, the name her biological mother had given her before her adoption.

    Produced by B. Morales who has worked with artists such as Elephant Man, Trina, Jon B., DJ Kemo, and Red1 of the Rascalz. – but you may recognize him for his most notable work for Just Doin’ Me by Carli J Myers who went number 1 in South Africa.

    Madé creates unique, upbeat, and engaging music. Her ability to craft catchy lyrics and hooks in three languages combined with the expertise of B.morales, incorporating different sounds to form beautiful melodies and unique beats, makes for a very distinct sound that only this duo can create. Being born in Brazil and growing up in Québec city after being adopted by a Belgian mother and a French Canadian father, her upbringing and origin story greatly infuse her work as an artist, her music is a direct representation of her cultural diversity.

    For this EP, Madé chose to make the majority of it in French but drew heavily from her Brazilian roots. The sound is pop-latin with an urban flair. The beats which use a lot of drums, percussion, and Latin guitars to name a few, are sure to make you move, which was the goal in creating this EP. Madé wanted to make a soundtrack to accompany her as she dances through life, in the hope you’ll join her and dance too.

    JOANINA: Track list & Credits

    1. 1. Sexier Than This: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé), Océane Gillier, Anwar  McDonald, Christian Bahamonde
      Produced by B.Morales
    2. 2. Bouge: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé), Caleb Neilson
      Produced by B.Morales
    3.  M.I.A à Miami: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé)
      Produced by Otavio Guilherme & B.Morales
    4. Toi Et Moi: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé), Anwar McDonald, Christian
      Produced by B.Morales
    5. La Vibe: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé), Maia Davies, Anwar McDonald
      Produced by B.Morales
    6. C’est Pas Un Casse-Tête: Madeleine Lefebvre Adam (Aka Madé), Loa Nomad,
      Christian Bahamonde, Jordan Best
      Produced by B.Morales

    EP Cover Art credits: Photographe Daniel Camer, Design Graphique Étienne Bossé

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