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    Travis Japan Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Album: Road To A

    Travis Japan Releases Highly-Anticipated Debut Album: Road To A

    Japanese boy group, Travis Japan, releases their highly-anticipated debut album, Road To A, out now via Capitol Records.

    Roughly one year after signing with Capitol Records, Travis Japan brings their debut album to the world. The album, Road To A, symbolizes Travis Japan’s pursuit of the essence of entertainment and fully encapsulates everything about Travis Japan as they prove to the world that they are authentic to who they are. The “A” within the album title is an abbreviation, as the “A” stands for authenticity.

    Over the last ten years, Travis Japan has built a global fanbase for themselves through their immense talent and skills. Members of the group: Chaka, Umi, Shime, Noel, Shizu, Genta, and Machu have all dedicated themselves to their craft as they continuously strive to improve themselves as individuals and as a group. Chaka, the leader of the group, had these words to say about the album.

    “As Travis Japan, we are pleased to announce the release of our first album! It is full of our past and future, an album full of charm. No matter what, we are looking forward to your excitement as we move forward. Thank you so much for your support,” he says.

    The album is being supported by their pre-release single, “LEVEL UP!”, produced by Sam Bergeson, and pays homage to Travis Japan’s Japanese heritage as it features game sound effects from the iconic world of Japanese arcade games. With a total of 19 tracks, including their debut single, “JUST DANCE!” along with the following releases such as, “Moving Pieces” and “Candy Kiss“, Road to A is an album that’ll thrill audiences and cement the global appeal of Travis Japan!

    Wrapping up the 2023 year, Travis Japan continues to grow as a group, with success in both the domestic and international markets. On December 6th, Travis Japan opened for Marshmello on his Japan Tour at the Tokyo Garden Theater. The group also just announced their nationwide arena tour in Japan, Travis Japan Concert Tour 2024 Road to Authenticity, for the top of the 2024 year. With the immense success happening in addition to the exciting year to come, Travis Japan cements themselves as an international group with no intention of slowing down.

    Road To A Tracklist

    1. “JUST DANCE!”
    2. “LEVEL UP”
    3. “99 PERCENT”
    4. “Okie Dokie!”
    5. “Charging!”
    7. “Love Tag”
    8. “Swing My Way”
    9. “Till The Dawn”
    10. “Seasons of Gold”
    11. “Keep On Smiling”
    12. “Candy Kiss”
    13. “Moving Pieces”
    14. “Turn Up The Vibe”
    15. “King of the Jungle”
    16. “So Sunday”
    17. “Still on a Journey”
    18. “My Dreamy Hollywood”


    • Chika
      January 23, 2024

      Thank you for the wonderful article of Travis Japan!
      I really enjoyed it!!
      I hope that Travis Japan will be loved by people all over the world.
      Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Riko
      January 24, 2024

      Thank you for the nice article of Travis Japan.
      I hope their music will be listened to and loved around the world!!

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