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    Canon Rebel SL1, Simply Epic

    Canon Rebel SL1, Simply Epic

    The epically designed 18-megapixel SL1 easily impresses with clear and crisp photos.

    With ISO ranging between 100 and 12,800 for stills and 100-6,400 for video, the camera allows for gorgeous shooting in low-light areas even without a flash. The camera features high-speed, continuous shooting at 4 frames per second and uses shooting speeds up to 1/4000 per second to help capture beautiful action shots.

    When shooting video the SL1 captures 1080p HD video in 30 frames per second or full 720p HD at 50 frames per second. Canon has also included manual exposure and focus control, live view features, and the ability to edit your clips on the camera itself. It even takes video snapshots at 2, 4, or 8 seconds before combining them into a single video album. Its built-in attenuator also helps reduce audio clipping during recordings.

    Although the SL1 touts a standard 3-inch LCD monitor, the display uses the same capacitive touchscreen technology seen in modern smartphones. Simple finger gestures allow you to zoom in on photos, swipe through your photo library, or access and change control settings, while a smudge-resistant coating ensures the glare-free LCD screen will remain crystal clear despite the gesture controls.

    Check out this video that introduces the basic controls of the Canon Rebel SL1. For more from this playlist, click here.


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