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    How To Compress Image Size Without Losing Its Quality

    How To Compress Image Size Without Losing Its Quality

    Do you want to reduce the size of your images before you upload them on your website?

    Well, you have landed in the right spot. Image compression is especially important because of many reasons. The main reason that people use the compression technique is to optimize the images for the web.

    A large-sized image can directly affect the page loading speed of a website which is unbelievably bad for SEO. Websites require images that are low in size but high in quality.

    We are going to tell you about the best image compression tools today, which would help you in reducing the size of the image without it losing its quality. Out of hundreds of image compressor tools, we have shortlisted the most authentic one for you guys!

    Image Compressor tool by Duplichecker

    There are many image compressor tools on the web, but the photo compressor offered by Duplichecker is the simplest. We have put this online tool on the top because of its simplicity, and this photo compressor can easily be used by a person who has never heard of this image compressor before. You can easily reduce image size in less than a few seconds with Duplichecker. This free image compressor is capable of compressing up to 20 images in less than five to ten seconds. You have to upload the image in the upload box of the tool and set the compression type. This tool makes sure that the quality of the image does not tamper with the reduction process!

    Jpeg Optimizer

    The jpeg optimizer tool is known to be the best digital compression and resizing tool. The name of the optimizer tells us that this tool can only cater to JPEG formats of images. The great thing about jpeg optimizer is that it helps you in resizing your images before you optimize them. Resizing your images will help you a lot in saving the loading time of the website. This online platform is one of the only ones that can help you with both resizing and compressing at the same time without splitting the flow of your work. This photo compressor tool also allows you to select the level of compression so you can keep the quality of the image intact!


    Optimizilla is another photo compressor service that can help you reproduce the lower sized images in the highest quality. This online image compressor tool can easily help you in compressing both jpeg and PNG formats of images. Optimizilla also has an interesting feature using which you can see the before and after version of your image. By using this feature, you can also see if any loss occurs in the quality of the image. You can undo the compression if you see any noticeable loss in the quality of the image.

    This image optimizer website can compress a huge bulk of images in one go. You can easily optimize all sorts of image formats including JPEG, PNG, PDF and even GIF. This image compressor works in a remarkably interesting way. When you add an image as input in the tool, it will compress it to its smallest size in which the quality of the image does not get disturbed. You cannot set the level of compression or undo the compression once it has been made. The tool has both free and paid versions. The free version of this tool is enough for a normal user as it can compress a total of 1000mbs of pictures in a single day!

    Compress Now

    Compress Now is another online application that can help you in image optimization. You can upload a single image as well as a complete batch in the tool for free compression and reduction of sizes. This tool can be used online, and you can also download it on your desktop for offline reductions. This image optimizer tool can help you in reducing the image size of up to ten images in one go may they be in a different format. It can cater to all sorts of formats, including GIF and PDF as well. You can set the level of compression manually if you want to.


    This image compressor tool is specially designed for the Linux Operating system. This image compressor tool can only cater and compress images that are in PNG and JPG formats to the highest possible level. This image optimizer tool is known to be the best for desktops and laptops. You can enter the image directly in the tool with the drag and drop method, and you can also upload the images by adding their URL in the tool. This means that you can compress the images that are already published on your website.

    All of these image compressor tools can help you reduce the image size while still protecting their quality!

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