Photos Of The Month: May 2020

Photography is such an important aspect of creativity and fuels the world around us.

Photography is the main category of The Fox Magazine and that is why every month we curate the 7 best photos captured by our community from #thefoxmagazine hashtag on Instagram! Thanks to everyone who continues to tag us and be apart of the community.

Each person featured in the spotlight gets special rewards such as IG repost, free access to all of our issues as well as discounts on Fox Merch via our e-commerce store – The Fox Shop. If you’d like to submit for next month, simply tag #thefoxmagazine on Instagram and our team will be on the lookout!

Discover the top photos from our community in May 2020:

Photo by @omar.lyous

Photo by @tanushree.vaidya

Photo by @trxlation

Photo by @rlathepoet

Photo by @ahenry606

Photo by @henrysolomouk

Photo by @tohko_cali

About The Fox Magazine

The Fox Magazine is a premier lifestyle publication focusing on beginnings, creativity, and risk. Since March of 2016, the editorial team covers a diverse selection of subject matter all deep-rooted in photography, food, travel, music, fashion, and technology. Our mission is to be the leading resource of inspiration for individuals wanting to chase their dreams and seek a fulfilling lifestyle.

Along with an active readership, we work with a broad network of influencers and brands around the globe. Our platform gives the opportunity to those who are looking to expose themselves to the world and increase exposure for anyone involved.

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    Photos Of The Month:…

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