PhotoSesh, a Photographer’s Dream App

Photographers, established and aspiring, and customers can unite on the utility and accessibility of PhotoSesh, a premier photography app of 2017. It’s a discount platform for planning either scheduled or instant photography sessions. For users this generates a network of photographers who sync their calendars to the app, so you can snatch up their discounted hourly pricing that would otherwise not be utilized. Now you can grow a business at any stage, or find an accommodating and affordable photography experience for your oh-so glamorous life.

This photography app will introduce users to highly rated and affordable photographers, to take out the precious time wasted researching and to open up more time getting the job done. This app is definitely going to be a saving grace for professionals who need shots done for them and their products ASAP, but are too busy doing their profession things! It also would be a great addition to your app library if you’re somebody who just loves convenience and reliability at every step of your planning. The top photographers in your area, or perhaps areas that you’ll be travelling to, can be booked in just seconds. Coordinating every detail of an event can be stressful, but now that stress doesn’t have to drag on thanks to PhotoSesh.

There is also an option to book up to 90 days in advance, which comes in handy for those planning vacations in areas where they may not know of any photographers. And with the 16 categories of photography to chose from, you can be ensured that whatever needs you have will be met through the over 5,000 photographers already using PhotoSesh. The categories include casual and formal events, night out, sports and games, vacation and tourism, real estate, conventions, portraiture, animals, modeling and fashion, product and catalog, nature and landscape, oh the list goes on!

This app also presents a unique opportunity in giving amateur photographers the kick start necessary to launch their careers. Become exposed to customers while taking out the high prices of marketing that often stands in the way. These starting rates are $30 / hour. You can pay through the app and rate the photographer, ensuring quality control. There’s even a feature called PhotoSesh LIGHT for selecting iPhoneographers only, which still yields amazing photos but for an even reduced price of $20-25 / hour. Never worry about being absorbed into your phone at parties, barbeques, baby showers, etc, because you’ll have someone there doing the heavy lifting for you. It’s a great idea for a world increasingly digitalized, that allows the customer to reap the benefits while truly enjoying themselves without the hassle of being their own photographer. Sometimes selfies just don’t cut it, but this highly rated photography app, PhotoSesh certainly will do the trick!

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    PhotoSesh, a Photogr…

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