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Kerry Marshall With Guitar in LA

Kerry Marshall is a True Inspiration

With his undeniable talent, charming personality, and niche fanbase, the spotlight is on Kerry Marshall. An incredible story of resilience and tenacity, having gone from the combat zone in the…

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Sieze the Night With Kept Frozen ❄

Curious as to what an urban street photography style looks like? We have you covered. We interviewed the sharp focus photographer DeAndre Holland, but most widely known as Kept Frozen,…

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From iPhone to Fame with Johnny Fan

He's a Chicago-based freelance photographer, cinematographer, and content creator. Johnny Fan has a keen eye for symmetry and emotion. Fan's work has been featured everywhere such as Huffington Post, XXL…

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Shooting Berlin from a new perspective with Rob Lüthje

We had the chance to interview Berlin-based photographer Rob Lüthje about what he does and how he does what he does. Check out more of the Last Explorer's work here. All photos…

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