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5 Benefits of Adding Citrus to Your Diet

When we think citrus, oranges are likely the first fruit to come to mind. But don't forget about lemons, limes, and grapefruit. Here are five reasons you should be eating more citrus right now!  1. Vitamin C Can Put A Hold On That Cold Vitamin C from citrus (or any source for that matter) will not prevent a cold, but as much as 500 mg per day has been shown to cut the duration of a cold down by as much as half. 2. Antioxidants Promote Heart Health Lemons and limes, in particular, contain unique compounds that are believed to keep the heart in tip top shape when consumed raw. That means, juicing or using the zest to finish dishes like soups and salads.

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Nooma Is the Newest Drink You Have to Try

Nooma ('n(y)o͞o-mä):  Get used to saying it. You'll be saying it a lot. A new organic sports beverage line called Nooma just launched at Whole Foods nationwide. It’s a healthy…

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Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Sloane Davis Shares Her Recipe For Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

This mac and cheese that doesn’t skimp on cheese and leaves everyone a cauliflower believer. Ingredients: 1 pound (about a head) cauliflower 1 cup 2% Shredded Mexican Cheese 2 ounces…

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8 Ways How To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Nutritionist and Co-founder of MamaSezz, Meg Donahue, shares her tips for happy and healthy holidays. You may have heard that people gain an average of 7-10 pounds during the holidays.…

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