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Inspiration From The Ancient City of Rome With Giacomo Cardea

Giacomo Cardea is an 28-year-old Italian creative who has always been passionate about photography. Giacomo's photography is spell-binding, manipulating color, focus and angles to express a unique perspective. We had…

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Wendy Sosa Perfectly Displays Vibrance of Miami

Wendy Sosa is a Miami, FL based photographer capturing elegance with a colorful twist. We interviewed with Wendy about her upbringing, background with photography, and advice for photographers stuck in…

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The Sirtfood Diet, A Health Revolution!

Low carb… gluten-free… paleo… What separates a fad diet from a health revolution? Often the difference is in the science. Already an international bestseller in the UK and Australia, THE…

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Chef Corinne Trang invites People to “Switch it Up”

Renowned Chef Corinne Trang inspires readers in the kitchen. Photography by: Corinne Trang. SWITCH IT UP offers a fresh take on quick and easy diabetes-friendly recipes for a balanced life.…

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