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The Fall / Winter Issue

This issue will require you to take your time, be conscious and absorb the content in front of you. It only takes a moment for everything to change.

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Snapchat: A Photographer’s Best Platform

If you are a photographer, you most likely use social media to promote yourself and share your work. To be more specific, you probably use Instagram. It might be the…

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The Spring / Summer Issue

Everything is blooming, when there’s new growth bursting all over, everything fresh and green, the world shows you it is most alive. This issue showcases new growth, opportunity & improvement…

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Berlin is a Living History Lesson

Some cities might have spectacular buildings, others might have the most stunning location, but there are few cities that have the kind of history that Berlin does.

Throughout the entire 20th century, Berlin has been involved in many significant events. From the devastating world wars to the wall that split the city in half, there are some things only a Berliner will have experienced. And you can still feel it every day; the history is everywhere.

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