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The Travel Issue

The Fox Magazine is excited to offer cutting-edge travel information so that you can take pleasure in discovering off-the-grid destinations from around the globe. Offering a fresh and unique perspective…

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Sieze the Night With Kept Frozen ❄

Curious as to what an urban street photography style looks like? We have you covered. We interviewed the sharp focus photographer DeAndre Holland, but most widely known as Kept Frozen,…

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From iPhone to Fame with Johnny Fan

He's a Chicago-based freelance photographer, cinematographer, and content creator. Johnny Fan has a keen eye for symmetry and emotion. Fan's work has been featured everywhere such as Huffington Post, XXL…

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The Photography Issue

Discover the most inspiring photographers, cameras, and photos from around the globe. Within the 60-page spread, you will find brilliant and colorful photography. This special issue features world-class photographers: Jake…

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