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    Data Reveals The U.s. Holds The Highest Earning Professional Female Gamers, Earning Up To $450k

    Data Reveals The U.s. Holds The Highest Earning Professional Female Gamers, Earning Up To $450k

    The esports industry is booming, with large wins at the fingertips of many. Although there is a male to female disparity in earnings, wanted to showcase that women too can earn the big bucks. recorded the earnings for the top 100 female gamers, recording the country they’re from, to discover which country produces the highest earners, as well as ranking the highest gamers themselves.

    Full data can be viewed here.

    🎮 The United States (US) leads the list with the highest number of highest-earning female gamers, with 36 individuals.

    🎮 The Russian Federation follows the US with 13 highest-earning female gamers.

    🎮 Canada and Brazil are the next in line with 11 and 8 highest-earning female gamers, respectively.

    🎮 China has 7 highest-earning female gamers, making it one of the notable countries in female gaming earnings.

    🎮 Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom each have 2 highest-earning female gamers, indicating a smaller but still significant presence of female gamers earning substantial income in these countries.

    Top 10 highest-earning female gamers, revealed 

    Full data can be viewed here.

    💸 Sasha Hostyn, known as Scarlett in the esports world, is the highest-earning female gamer with a remarkable total earnings of $453,597.57. She achieved this feat primarily through her exceptional skills in the real-time strategy game StarCraft II.

    💸 Li, Xiao Meng, also known as Liooon, is a Chinese esports sensation. With total earnings of $241,510.00, she made a name for herself in Hearthstone, a collectible card game that requires strategic thinking and decision making.

    💸 Katherine Gunn, who goes by Mystik, is a talented gamer from the United States. Her total earnings of $122,550.00 come from a variety of games under the multigaming category, showcasing her versatility and skill across different titles.

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    Data Reveals The U.s…

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