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    How Other Industries Can Benefit from Video Game Development and Creation in 2023

    How Other Industries Can Benefit from Video Game Development and Creation in 2023

    The IT and entertainment industries benefit greatly from video game creation and production.

    Players are given the chance to deliberate thoroughly and establish perspectives in a secure virtual environment thanks to an expertly designed play-through.

    It encourages players to connect with technology in a useful way by utilizing interactive elements, motion visuals, and user interfaces. Additionally, its uses go beyond entertainment, such as video consultations for students in medicine and online training for soldiers. Overall, the creation and development of video games may be used as a powerful tool to pique consumer interest in a variety of fields.

    A Brief Introduction to the Economic Effects of Gaming

    Revenues from video games as an entire category have lately surpassed billions. Actually, as per BankMyCell, the video gaming industry’s worth is estimated to reach $221.4 billion in 2023.

    A number of causes have propelled the rapid expansion. The most well-known ones have everything to do with mobile gaming and eSports. The big income was also influenced by the introduction of several excellently made games. Other elements include the streaming communities on Twitch and YouTube, which raise awareness of new games, but also the relationship between gambling and video games. How is this? Gambling-like game design features include microtransactions, in-app purchases, and loot boxes. The latter stuff generated $15 billion of revenue for gaming companies in 2020 and will generate five more billion by 2025, according to Juniper Research. Loot boxes then lead to skin gambling at the best Flexepin bookmakers in 2023 and others rated here, which is becoming increasingly popular among video game enthusiasts.

    With that said, let us look at how video games positively affect other sectors.

    Other Sectors Favorably Impacted by Video Gaming

    After hearing about what the video game business has done to other industries, you may have developed an interest in video game design. But before you can start designing video games, if that is something you aspire for, you must enroll in a course.

    In certain countries, it typically requires four years of full-time enrollment to earn a degree in video game design, which may lead to interesting job options in the game production industry. Students engaged in such apprenticeships will acquire an understanding of the theory and practice of game design, as well as an awareness of the imaginative and technological abilities required to develop novel video game experiences. Additionally, these schools frequently provide classes in project management, testing, user interface design, scripting, animation, and programming.

    What sectors have video games positively influenced, then? Since there are many, we will just briefly describe them here. So, the following are some sectors that video games have a positive impact on:

    Industry of Mobile Phones

    Another business that has profited from video games is the smartphone sector. The market for smartphones is already flourishing, but by incorporating video game engineering and manufacturing, it will soar much higher. The most popular apps from the app store are mobile games. Using the first quarter of 2022 as an example, about 14.4 billion mobile games were downloaded from global app stores.

    According to this statistic, mobile gaming accounts for 53% of global income in the gaming sector as a whole as of 2022, based on the Gitnux findings.


    The television business has benefited from video games as well.

    Numerous well-known characters, like Mario, Pac-Man, and others, have appeared in TV shows. They often appear in a variety of TV episodes and animated series. If not, characters’ dialogue and dress occasionally make reference to them.

    The Film Industry

    The design and development of video games have also had an impact on the movie business. This is readily apparent in the cinematic versions of the games produced by filmmakers. It may be live-action, animated, or even a combination of the two.

    The process of making video games has also had an influence on the film business. It has made it possible to use more sophisticated 3D software. The shooting of “The Mandalorian” used the Unreal Engine as an illustration.

    Telecommunication Industry

    Video games have also helped telecom companies expand. That is because a lot of games these days can be played online. It would be necessary for players to download them; otherwise, they can play them online on the web. It basically implies that if gamers want to participate, they must pay for a reliable Internet connection. They may wish to play a single-player game that must be downloaded or a multiplayer game with their buddies.

    MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), which are competitive video games, are the ones that telecom providers profit from the most. These two gaming genres are the only ones that need a consistent, long-term Internet connection.


    Video games may occasionally cause countries to see a sharp rise in tourism. People’s desire to attend competitive video gaming events is the primary factor in this situation. If not, they take part in such activities. The following gaming events encourage travel:

    Competitions in eSports

    Esports tournaments are organized in a given nation at a specific location. Participants will go to the aforementioned location from all around the globe. Along with the competitors, fans will visit these locations to see the event in person.

    Even while this is not the event itself but rather one of its byproducts, eSports hotels are beginning to catch on throughout the globe. These are establishments where gamers may spend a few days, meet other players who share their interests, and play matches against them. The concept was created by fusing the notion of attracting visitors with eSports.

    Video Game Expos & Conventions

    An expo or a convention is held whenever new gaming consoles or other hardware is unveiled. These activities, like the aforementioned tournaments, are held all around the globe. To sample the newest systems or games, some are prepared to jet across.

    There are other instances in this list, but let us focus on “Gamescon” as it is the largest one. Germany hosts the “Gamescon” convention each year. This festival draws over 370,000 visitors on average. Once a location is chosen for the year, anticipate hotels and many other lodging options to be fully booked.

    Actual Locations of Interest

    Some video games, like “Assassin’s Creed”, have real-world locations that are shown within the game’s plot.

    According to research, playing games that include real-world places boosts tourism. The player sitting behind the screen would develop an interest in the actual location of the landmark they had seen in-game, and they could decide to go there one day.


    The design of video games and similar media is also starting to have an impact on education. Edutainment games have existed since the early days of computer gaming. Modern video games that take the shape of simulators have increased their impact. Children can use these simulators to develop particular skill sets, such as typing and fundamental math abilities by playing games like “Math Blaster!” and “Epistory – Typing Chronicles”. The educational version of “Minecraft” has also been used to instruct children in STEM subjects. Additionally, it teaches kids the fundamentals of reading, chemistry, and even the biological sciences.

    Some schools also utilize edutainment applications to promote social interaction. To solve difficulties, students will either collaborate. If not, they will compete with one another to finish tasks quickly and get a high score.


    Video games are an art form that has an impact on other art forms; the artists who specialize in digital art, for instance. You will always be welcomed by some of the artist’s game-related works whenever you visit a website or social media platform of your choice. These works of art are a representation of their support for the game they enjoy. In addition to serving as a kind of marketing, artwork helps an artist build their résumé.

    In certain instances, fanartists get hired by game development studios or land internships in game creation. Claire Hummel is a noteworthy example of this situation. After discovering her creative fanart of numerous classic Disney princesses on the art-sharing website DeviantArt, the “BioShock” team decided to recruit her. She has also created artwork for video games including Fable Legends, Half-Life: Alyx, and a few more.


    Thanks to video games, the voice-over market is doing well these days. Nowadays, unlike in the past, voice actors donate their voices to video games to accurately portray the characters. Around the 1980s, spoken characters started to become popular, but they were produced using voice synthesizers. But the first voice-acted game appeared in 1983, and from then on, as new games came out, a greater amount of voice acting was incorporated.

    Before that time, voice actors were not used in video games. There were only sound effects and beeps to let you know what is happening. In the past, voice-over work was mostly related to animation or advertisements.

    Science and Research

    The areas of science, research, and education are somewhat related, although there are some important distinctions. Science-oriented video game design, in contrast to schooling, is employed to support data gathering. A mock chemical test is an illustration of a gamified scientific investigation. Consider yourself a scientist researching chemical processes. Using a lab-created program, you perform a simulated test to see how two compounds interact. You get to collect the data without having to worry about chemical spillage.

    Simulators are also used for testing and for tracking changes. One illustration is using a simulator to watch how bacteria behave in a petri dish. A scientist is able to control the environment so that they can watch the germs. The information is then gathered based on what happened or what changed.

    Real Estate

    The realm of augmented reality gaming, wherein virtual game components come to life and effortlessly integrate with the player’s actual environment has been discovered. Yes, the creation and design of video games affect fields like real estate and go well beyond simple pleasure.

    With AR technology fast advancing, video games may totally transform the way we purchase and sell homes. This would indicate that a virtual tour would provide immersive views of various types of homes. Additionally, you may travel through time and see the original design and furnishings of historical residences due to augmented reality technology.

    The Final Word Regarding Video Game Design

    Over the years, many individuals have found amusement in playing video games in general. We have just recently come to understand how video games may influence and transform other fields. It is amazing how even a game with the simplest design may instruct us or lead us to learn afresh that we can apply later. Perhaps, all along, video games were not simply for fun; they might actually hold the key to a brighter future.

    Utilizing the principles of video game production and design wisely may be beneficial for a variety of businesses. It is possible to create appealing digital goods that are specifically customized to the objectives of each company by utilizing game theory and creating immersive digital experiences.

    This results in raised profitability, happier customers, and increased production. Therefore, there has to be a paradigm change from viewing video game development and design as only a source of entertainment to seeing it as a powerful tool for addressing challenging industrial issues.


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