The New Flow of Mevo Livestream

This next product is going to have your old camera’s lens glistening with tears of admiration. And you really will be able to conduct your filming with a single, evolved camera now. The new Mevo for Livestream allows you to not only film with professional quality, but share instantly or make the essential edits that will catapult your filming to new heights.

The camera itself is a 150˚ all glass lens with a 4K sensor and built in stereo microphones. Perks of the purchase include 16 GB microSD card for memory, USB charger, 10 foot USB cable, and a universal mount. Along with the memory card, the Mevo app allows you to also save copies of your videos to your phone. The downside to this package is that currently Mevo is focused on optimizing the iPhone experience, so as of right now it’s not compatible with Android. This specificity to Apple may come as a drawback to those using other carriers but ensures iPhone users that their product will ultimately be designed with a seamless transition to their individual smartphones. Due to this specificity, there are some other neat features, like the potential for adding and mixing audio sources over the iPhone’s microphone jack, a touch that will detail your filming to give it that ultra clear appearance.

It comes in either black or white accented with red for an affordable $399.99, and can be further spiced up through accessories like the K&M Mic Stand or the Mevo Boost. The Mevo Boost offers 10 hours of additional battery life, which along with its rainproof exterior provides for perfect for all day outdoors activity. Keep in tune with your Mevo’s battery life, Wi-Fi connection, and recordings with the red LED light ring at the top of device. Almost every aspect of the Mevo was designed for intuitive use, giving users of all levels of experience a camera that works best for them. Mevo ships internationally, but will require the outside purchase of a power adapter for non-US outlets.

With the Mevo app you can make live edits straight from your phone, automatically integrating into your final product. Since you can control your Mevo directly through your phone, all you need to do is tap and go! This allows you to get a wide range of shots including close-ups and panning. Where things get really crazy, now this is the exciting part, Mevo can detect people in its view and custom track their movements. This allows Mevo to intuitively follow your vision, allowing you to become the director and maybe even the star of your films all at once.


Now that’s innovative.

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The New Flow of Mevo…

by Austin Principe Time to read this article: 6 min