“Selfless Selfies” Helps Donate To Non-Profits Through EchoPix

Selfies: More than just fun, they can inspire people to do what you’re doing.

Adding a snap of yourself at a new brunch spot on social media brings new customers filing in the door. A pic of you in bungee jumping gear can nudge your less-adventurous friends to do something out of the ordinary.

Imagine if those same pictures could inspire people to support and donate to a worthy cause.

It’s now possible. EchoPix is a new app that invites users to “Smile. Snap. Share. Help.” The new “Instagram for the socially conscious”, EchoPix connects users with nonprofits to make donation magic happen.

How does it work?

EchoPix makes the donation process simpler than ever. From start to finish, potential donors (and selfie enthusiasts will):

Download EchoPix and create an account.
Connect to PayPal.
Choose a default donation amount (think $5).
Take or upload a picture.
Choose a charity.
Share across social media!
Once an account is set up, EchoPix functions as the most efficient way to donate on a mobile device.

Why does it matter?

Most nonprofits are behind the times where their internet presence is concerned:

84% of non-profit donation landing pages aren’t optimized for mobile use.
73% of non-profits don’t offer a social media share button after a donation.
65% of non-profits require three or more clicks to make a donation.
EchoPix is a win-win for donors and nonprofits. The app enables “mobile giving” for users, an increasingly popular way to donate in this smartphone age.

Nonprofits can request to be added to EchoPix through a seamless, simple process. Once added, their potential donors can share their giving experience on their social channels, offering free exposure for the nonprofits involved.

EchoPix is a product of EchoShare, a multimedia storytelling company with a mission to promote faith-based selflessness through creative products. EchoShare’s initiatives include the short film Four-Ninety: The Hardest Prison to Escape is a Hateful Heart, winner of Best Screenplay at Colony Film Festival 2018 and Best Short Film at Eclipse Awards 2018; and the William Hawk science fiction novels Ignition (2017) and Parallax (June 2018). A generous Angel Investor makes using the EchoPix app free to everyone

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