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    “What Is VPN” Searches Grow By 81% Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

    “What Is VPN” Searches Grow By 81% Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

    According to data gathered and analyzed by Atlas VPN, the number of Google searches for “What is VPN” increased by 81% globally.

    The numbers of this query were growing steadily over the month of March.

    The report reveals that:

    • Worldwide, the number of “What is VPN” searches grew by 81%.

    • In the US, the search frequency increased by over 88%, by the end of March, compared to the first week of March.

    • In Canada, the query volume increased by 156% throughout the same period.

    • In the UK, the search volume more than doubled during the last four weeks,  shows Google Trends data.

    • In Australia, the search frequency had increased by around 170%, counting from the first week to the fourth week of March.

    • In the United Arab Emirates, there was approximately a 354% increase in the number of searches during March.

    To see the full report, please click here.

    The full report provides statistics on more countries as well as the reasoning behind the increase in the interest of Virtual Private Networks.

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