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    2023’s Best Cities For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

    2023’s Best Cities For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

    In the (unlikely?) event of a zombie outbreak, where do the living have the best chance of making it out alive?

    With a new spinoff series of “The Walking Dead” premiering Sept. 10, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.

    We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on five zombie survival categories: Vulnerability, Hideouts, Supplies, Protection, and Mobility. We considered population density, access to “bunkers,” and hunting gear stores, for example, among 30 total metrics.

    See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse below, followed by key stats from our report.

    Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

    1. Houston, TX
    2. New York, NY
    3. San Antonio, TX
    4. Miami, FL
    5. Los Angeles, CA
    6. Austin, TX
    7. San Diego, CA
    8. Las Vegas, NV
    9. Chicago, IL
    10. Orlando, FL

    Worst Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

    1. Miramar, FL
    2. Jackson, MS
    3. N. Las Vegas, NV
    4. Paterson, NJ
    5. Pembroke Pine, FL
    6. Surprise, AZ
    7. Detroit, MI
    8. Port St. Lucie, FL
    9. Garden Grove, CA
    10. W. Valley City, UT

    Key Insights

    H-Town Immunity

    Houston (No. 1) is most prepared to fight zombies, with the most hunting gear stores, 18, and weapons and ammunition stores, 60. Houston also claims the most airports and helipads and has Gulf Coast access via ports and marinas to escape the living dead.

    Big Apple Advantages

    You won’t want to get caught in Times Square during a zombie outbreak — New York (No. 2) is the densest U.S. city, contributing to its low rank in Vulnerability at No. 172. However, NYC has a big advantage at No. 1 in Supplies, boasting the most convenience, hardware, and department stores to stock up for survival.

    Coastal Mobility

    Portland, Oregon (No. 11), claims 1st place in Mobility — followed by San Francisco (No. 21), and New York (No. 2) — offering ideal escapes in the event of an outbreak. In addition to their port and marina access, all three cities are easy to get around on foot or by bike.

    Lone Star Survival

    San Antonio (No. 3) and Austin (No. 6) boast superb access to hardware stores and shooting ranges. Alamo City stands out with the 2nd-highest number of supermarkets and 3rd-highest number of hunting gear stores. Dallas (No. 17), Fort Worth (No. 28), and El Paso (No. 32) land closely behind with high ranks in Supplies and Protection.

    Twinning Infrastructure

    Minnesota cities St. Paul (No. 55) and Minneapolis (No. 26) take 1st and 2nd places, respectively, in Hideouts, with many homes featuring basements and full kitchen and plumbing facilities. The Twin Cities also offer unique skyway systems, connecting downtown city blocks with enclosed footbridges — the Minneapolis Skyway System and the Saint Paul Skyway.

    Ready to Run

    Residents in two Evergreen State cities are most prepared to outrun the undead. Bellevue (No. 76) claims the lowest physical inactivity rate, followed by Seattle (No. 14).

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