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    5 Tips To Increase Your Hotel’s Online Bookings

    5 Tips To Increase Your Hotel’s Online Bookings

    Hotels need to get a certain amount of bookings every month to break even, and even more to actually make a profit.

    That doesn’t always happen for many hotels, though. You could need to find a way to increase your hotel’s online bookings to help make enough money to keep going.

    If you want to make a decent profit, that’s especially true. How do you even go about this? By using a few tips and tricks, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with it. Focusing on five specific ways to increase hotel bookings is recommended for this.

    1. Design A High-Converting Website – Your website makes a significant difference in your hotel’s success. You’ll need to design it to convert as much as possible. With the right company to help, such as Gourmet Marketing (, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. You’ll increase your hotel’s online bookings more than you’d think.
    2. Use Different Rate Plans – Using various rate plans is a great way to bring in customers of different budgets and increase hotel bookings. It’s a revenue management strategy that’s well worth considering. Early bird, non-refundable, and flexible rate plans can all be recommended, and they’ll end up being more enticing to potential customers. Highlight these, and you’ll see a bump in bookings.
    3. Leverage Digital Marketing – The fewer people who know about your hotel, the fewer bookings you’ll get. To counteract this, use digital marketing as much as possible. From social media to pay-per-click advertising, you’ll have plenty of ways to go about this. It’s well worth going out of your way to invest in this. You’ll reap dividends because of it.
    4. Sell An Experience – Your hotel rooms are the products you’re renting out, but that doesn’t mean they should be the focus of your advertising. Instead, you should sell an experience. Focus on the time they’ll spend in your hotel and how amazing that’ll be. Highlighting your amenities, exceptional customer service, and other factors all helps with this. Go out of your way to focus on this.
    5. Have A Reputation Management Process – There’ll be countless reviews about your hotel online. While many of these will be positive, some of them will be negative. You’ll naturally want to do something about them, and that’s where a reputation management process comes in. Go out of your way to address the complaints in these reviews and rectify the situation. At a minimum, anyone who sees these reviews will know you aim to please as much as possible.

    If you want to increase your hotel’s online bookings, you might think that it’d be a complicated process. While it’ll always involve a bit of work, it could be more straightforward than you’d think. By focusing on the right areas, you shouldn’t have a problem getting there.

    Having a high-converting website, using a reputation management process, and selling an experience can all help with this. With a bit of time and effort, you increase hotel bookings more than you would’ve expected.

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