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    7 Hobbies and Pursuits To Get You Outdoors

    7 Hobbies and Pursuits To Get You Outdoors

    Getting out and about and exploring the great outdoors is not only a great way to stay fit and healthy but an opportunity to learn more about yourself, what you are capable of, and what you want to achieve.

    There are significant benefits to be had in spending time outdoors and living a life that is far away from the hustle and bustle of city living and the constraints of modern lives.

    With more and more people down for exploring the world around them, reducing their carbon footprint, and generally looking for more natural ways to get more from life, delving into outdoor sports and activities can be a great way to dip your toes in and push yourself to try new things and experience the world on a more personal basis.

    But where do you start? For complete beginners in outdoor pursuits and hobbies, this post looks at some; great ways to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and, more importantly, spend time doing something you love.


    The US is home to incredible outstanding national beauty, and with its stunning coastlines, breathtaking National Parks, and more, you can be sure to find the perfect spot for your next hike. While you don’t need a lot of equipment when you start, a good pair of walking boots and water supplies will do you for shorter, more accessible hikes; as you progress, you might end up looking at expanding your kit as you take on more challenging terrain, hike in different climates and weather conditions or increase the duration.


    Hunting gets a bad rep from many angles because it aims to capture or kill animals, but in many regions, hunting is essential for conservation efforts. Every person who hunts needs to have a license from the state and be hunting in accordance with state laws. However, you can also hunt without the end game of capturing an animal; you can do so for fun and hunt a person or an inanimate object too. Again you will need a specific kit and equipment for a successful hunt, including a gun, either a live or a dummy version, for nonlethal hunting alternatives, and a way to stay in touch with your group is hunting with others, such as by using the Garmin Rino 755t US navigator.

    Wild Swimming

    Wild swimming has recently gained popularity, primarily due to public pools being closed during covid. All wild swimming in open waters that aren’t in the controlled swimming pools. Swimming this way has been popular for many years, but the new trends have seen people take to the waters in the masses to experience life and nature in a more personal way. There are some limitations regarding where you can swim and how safe the water is. Still, bodies of water, for example, might hold harmful algae that can make you seriously ill. While open stretches of coastline might have warnings for strong currents, meaning you cannot swim during certain times. Always check the rules regarding swimming in this manner before heading to the water to ensure your complete safety.


    Becoming one with nature always means you need to be active, and camping is the perfect way to relax under the stars without all the modern conveniences you are used to at home. If you want some simplicity in your life, or to experience life in the great outdoors, pitch up a tent and see how camping feels.

    You can make camping as basic or luxurious as you wish, from sleeping on a ground sheet with a portable stove top on the mountainside and no amenities to glamping with utility hookups, shower blocks, and even entertainment options on purpose-built sites; you can try different experiences to see which one you will enjoy.


    In 2019 over a quarter of the population actively partook in fishing of some kind. Fishing is a low-energy kind of hobby and is perfect for those who need some calm and downtime in their lives. Getting out onto the water or setting up your line from the edge of your fishing location and on dry land can afford everyone the chance to slow things down and take some time from the business of life. Fishing is often seen as the pastime of older males, but anyone can get involved and enjoy this hobby. Ensure you get any required permits for fishing in your chosen location and aren’t breaking any laws or regulations before heading out.

    Bird Watching

    Again this is another hobby generally thought of as one of older males. While bird watching has declined in recent years, it has seen a rise in popularity since the pandemic as people looked for ways to connect with nature and find new hobbies. From getting out and about and identifying all of the birds native to your local environment r going on trips and vacations to see if you can spot rarer birds, you make this as simple or exciting as you wish and equip yourself with equipment and tools to allow you to sit in wait and spot as many different birds as you can. Why not double this hobby with photography so you can carry out two different skills simultaneously?


    Ideal for those wanting to get outdoors but stay closer to home. Gardening can be done at home, at family or friends’ houses, or even via community initiatives to help local green spaces, charities, or others who might struggle with gardening. What gardening is good for is nourishing the soul by waiting to see the rewards of your hard labor. From learning about the different types of soils to the best time of year to plant different flowers and shrubbery to irrigation, plant food, pest control, and more, you can pick up a wealth of knowledge to enhance your gardening efforts, all while spending time outside being active. It’s little wonder more and more people are getting out and seeing how green-fingered they are.

    Nature provides us with so much and is the perfect backdrop for many different hobbies and activities with something for everyone. The best part is most hobbies don’t require too much from you in terms of outlay and commitment and can be enjoyed at your pace.

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