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    Beyond Detroit: Hidden Treasures and Must-Do’s in Michigan

    Beyond Detroit: Hidden Treasures and Must-Do’s in Michigan

    Experience the charm of the Midwest by visiting one of the most exceptional states in the region, where you can witness the grandeur of America’s Great Lakes up close.

    Renowned for its iconic Motor City, which holds the captivating stories of numerous music legends from different eras and genres, Michigan offers an abundance of captivating sights and activities. With its diverse terrain and an array of attractions, Michigan is the ideal destination, catering to all your interests.

    Prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty of both natural wonders and remarkable man-made landmarks. To help you make the most of your trip, we have curated a selection of must-see attractions, hidden gems, and unforgettable destinations in Michigan. Enjoy your journey!

    The “Little Venice” of Detroit

    Explore the narrow canals of the Detroit River that cut through the eastern neighborhoods of Detroit, often referred to as the city’s “Little Venice.”

    This unique area offers a glimpse into the Prohibition era of Detroit when notorious bootleggers and the infamous Purple Gang smuggled illegal alcohol from Canada into a dry America.

    To fully experience these canals, consider joining outfitters like Riverside Kayak Connection for a water-based adventure. As you paddle through this fascinating chapter of Michigan’s history, capture photos of the historic Fisher Mansion and the diverse waterfowl that inhabit this section of the Detroit River. You can bring your own kayak or rent one on-site.

    The Perfect location for: Explorers

    Western Michigan

    Gilmore Car Museum

    Located near Kalamazoo on approximately 90 acres of land lies America’s biggest car museum. The Gilmore Car Museum houses a collection of over 400 vehicles, which includes unique models such as pre-Model T designs

    Meyer May House

    In contrast to the traditional outdoor attractions found in the Wolverine State, the Meyer May House stands out. This architectural masterpiece, designed by the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright, allows visitors to explore the house and admire its innovative interior and exterior. By doing so, they can engage with a significant piece of 20th-century history.

    The Perfect location for: Car & architecture lovers

    MotorCity Casino Hotel

    MotorCity Casino Hotel is a high-end resort located in a historic building formerly occupied by Wagner Baking Company. The establishment offers a variety of amenities, including a wide selection of casino games.

    MotorCity warmly welcomes individuals interested in playing casino games for real money, providing an appealing alternative to the ever-growing allure of Michigan online casinos. Michigan online gaming burst onto the scene in January 2021, showcasing a select group of legal Michigan Online casinos that boasted table games, online slot machines, and more. Fast forward to 2023, the options for players have proliferated. Back at MotorCity, in addition to an expansive 100,000 square feet of gaming space, which houses over 2,800 slot machines and 59+ table games, newcomers are treated with a generous $40 bonus upon joining. And while membership is optional, it opens up avenues for enhanced rewards and benefits every time a patron wagers in the casino or tries their hand in the venue’s two poker rooms.

    The Perfect location for: A night of adult entertainment  

    Silver Beach, St. Joseph

    St. Joseph, located on the southwest coast of Michigan, is a picturesque destination worth visiting. One of the highlights of this charming town is Silver Beach County Park. This park is a true gem with its breathtaking vistas of Lake Michigan. The sand at Silver Beach is exceptionally soft, and the waters are clear and inviting.

    In addition to its natural beauty, Silver Beach County Park offers various amenities to enhance your visit. Numerous picnic spots are available, allowing you to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. The park features a playground and a splash pad for families with children, ensuring that kids have a fun-filled day. Moreover, a vintage carousel adds a touch of nostalgia to the park, making it an ideal destination for everyone to enjoy on a sunny day.

    The Perfect location for: A family day out.  

    Traverse City

    Traverse City, a small town with a population of 15,000, may appear to be just another picturesque lakeside community. However, it is much more than meets the eye.

    This destination in northern Michigan has gained a reputation over the years as a center for culture and food enthusiasts, enhancing its already captivating charm. The Traverse City Film Festival, one of the largest in the country, takes place here annually. Additionally, the city hosts the highly popular National Cherry Festival, one of the country’s biggest events.

    With its thriving wine and brewery scene and its abundance of outdoor activities, including the unique opportunity to witness perched sand dunes, Traverse City offers all the ingredients for an unforgettable vacation in the Midwest.

    The Perfect location for: Foodies and festival goers.   


    Journey through the scenic landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant culture of Michigan. From the historic waterways of Detroit’s “Little Venice” and the architectural brilliance of the Meyer May House to the bustling gaming scene at MotorCity Casino Hotel and the natural allure of Silver Beach, Michigan presents a diverse tapestry of experiences.

    Whether you’re an explorer, car enthusiast, architecture lover, gambler, family vacationer, or a food and festival aficionado, Michigan has something to cater to every traveler’s taste. Traverse City’s unique blend of culture and nature, coupled with the iconic attractions in Western Michigan, ensures a memorable adventure in America’s Great Lakes State. Dive into this curated guide and embark on an unforgettable Michigan escapade!

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