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    Billionaire Hot Spots: Top 10 States Where You Are Most Likely To Meet A Billionaire

    Billionaire Hot Spots: Top 10 States Where You Are Most Likely To Meet A Billionaire

    A new study has revealed the top 10 U.S. states where you are most likely to bump into a billionaire.

    The research conducted by Project Management experts at The Digital Project Manager analyzed data on the top 100 richest people from the U.S., what states they are from, and the population of each state to establish which states are home to the most successful people.

    1. Wyoming

    Wyoming is the number one state in the U.S. for being home to the most successful people, at 3.47 billionaires per one million people. The state has produced the likes of John Mars, who inherited stakes in Mars, Incorporated, a multinational food and pet care manufacturer, and Christy Walton, who married into the family that founded Walmart.

    2. Hawaii

    Hawaii is in number two for states with the most successful people, with 2.06 billionaires per one million people. The state is home to the fourth wealthiest billionaire in the U.S., Larry Ellison, co-founder and chief technology officer of software company Oracle. Larry has a net worth of $145.2 billion and owns 35% of Oracle.

    3. Nevada

    In third place is Nevada, home to 1.29 billionaires per one million people. The state is home to David Duffield, who has co-founded two business software companies, PeopleSoft and Workday, after the age of 40 years old.

    4. Oklahoma

    In at number four for state homing the most successful people in the U.S. is Oklahoma, which has 0.76 billionaires per one million people. One of Oklahoma’s billionaires included Harold Hamm, who founded and is chair to one of the nation’s biggest independent oil companies, Continental Resources.

    5. New Hampshire

    New Hampshire is close behind in fifth place, with 0.73 billionaires per one million people. One of New Hampshire’s wealthiest is billionaire Rick Cohen, the owner and executive chairman of one of America’s largest grocery wholesalers, C&S Wholesale Grocers.

    6. New York

    At number six is New York, home to 14 billionaires from the top 100 richest Americans. Due to its large population of 20,201,249, it equates to 0.70 billionaires per million people. New York is home to the likes of Michael Bloomberg, who cofounded the financial information and media company Bloomberg LP, and has a net worth of $96.3 billion.

    7. Arkansas

    Arkansas is at number seven, with 0.65 billionaires per million people. It is the residence of billionaires Rob and Jim Walton, the oldest and youngest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton.

    8. Connecticut

    Connecticut is landing in at number eight with 0.56 billionaires per million people. Billionaires in Connecticut include two hedge fund managers, Ray Dalio and Steve Cohen.

    9. California

    In ninth place is California, which has 0.54 billionaires per million people. California has the most billionaires who feature on to the top 100 richest in America list, resulting from 27 billionaires in its population of 39,538,223.

    10. Washington

    Finally, rounding off the list in tenth place is Washington, which has 0.51 billionaires per million people.

    On the opposite end of the scale, the research also revealed that Michigan, New Jersey and Tennessee are the top three U.S. states home to the LEAST billionaires.

    Nuala Turner, Editor of The Digital Project Manager commented on the findings: “The U.S. is home to some of the world’s wealthiest and most successful people, so it’s fascinating to see which states billionaires are making residence in. It’s interesting to note despite Wyoming having the lowest population out of all the states; it comes out on top for homing some of the most successful people in the U.S.

    “Although becoming a billionaire might seem like an unreachable goal, it can become a reality for some people. Great ways to improve your own success include having a long-term plan, taking calculated risks, focus, discipline, and routine to enhance your likelihood of financial success.”

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