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    Protecting Passengers During A Pandemic: SLC Airport Transitions Airport Janitorial Services To Flagship Aviation Services

    Protecting Passengers During A Pandemic: SLC Airport Transitions Airport Janitorial Services To Flagship Aviation Services

    Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) searched for a janitorial vendor that could maintain its current space and grow with it as it launches its new airport, scheduled for later this year.

    After a full review of vendors, SLC awarded its commercial janitorial contract to Flagship Aviation Services.

    On April 1, Flagship successfully initiated the training, transition, and deployment of staff for all shifts and supervision.

    Taking over a janitorial contract for a major airport is no small task. But doing so in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges and stresses that did not exist a few months ago.

    Flagship instituted advanced measures weeks before the janitorial services transitioned. Prior to the transition, they leveraged their strong vendor network to deliver much-needed disinfectant, supplies, and equipment – items that were on a month-long backorder for many companies. They also transported senior management and suppliers for onsite support and training.

    “As COVID-19 continues to impact passengers and communities around the world,” said Kevin Barton, VP of Operations at Flagship, “we are helping SLC take more preventive measures to reduce the risk of contamination within their environment.”

    SLC administration faces unique challenges during the pandemic. SLC is the central destination airport for thousands of missionaries returning from around the globe. This can increase the potential risk for aerosol or contact transmission of the virus within the airport.

    Flagship has helped SLC alleviate COVID-19 spread concerns by implementing advanced disinfecting processes and frequent touchpoint sanitizing, along with extensive safety procedures. The combination increases passenger confidence and achieves a new standard of airport cleanliness.

    “COVID-19 has brought a new level of attention to cleanliness in the aviation industry, and facilities all over the world,” said Don Toole, Senior VP of Sales, who flew out to join the training and launch. “We are committed to partnering with SLC on their mission to provide safe and pleasant services to travelers.”

    Flagship’s dedication to cleanliness and safety helps airports secure high ratings with passengers and keeps passengers and employees safer through the COVID-19 pandemic.Flagship Aviation Services is a subset of Flagship Facility Services.

    Flagship revolutionized commercial cleaning services by emphasizing the importance of putting customers first. Flagship’s reputation for high-quality janitorial services spread quickly. As Flagship’s client portfolio grew, so too did their services portfolio. With operations in Culinary Services, Facility Services, and Aviation Services, Flagship has over 5,000 employees dedicated to creating the best facility experience for customers.

    Flagship offers Integrated Facilities Management and combinations of facilities services, including janitorial, engineering, culinary, and maintenance services, for large-scale companies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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