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    Ronda Will Take Your Breath Away

    Ronda Will Take Your Breath Away

    Ronda is a rapidly growing tourist attraction for multiple reasons.

    Tucked away in the never sleeping country of Spain, Ronda is known to locals as “The Eagles’ Nest” due to the breathtaking views that it delivers from every degree and angle. Visit Puento Nuevo, the newest and largest of three bridges. Look down as it spans the 390-foot-deep chasm carrying the Guadalevín River that divides the city.

    American author Ernest Hemingway found himself wrapped up in this historic city within his lifetime. Hugely adorned and excited by the tradition, Hemingway has written several pieces of non-fiction work depicting this Spanish town.

    When traveling to Ronda, you may notice the countless walkways that are utilized by the ever growing number of pedestrians. One of these spectacular walkways is named Paseo de E. Hemingway. This path is in fact, one of the most popular walkways and runs between Plaza de Toros and Plaza de Espana, which is the town square overlooking El Tajo Gorge. So when traveling to Ronda be sure to sit back, relax and enjoy the view and history that such a breathtaking location has to offer.

    Whatever you decide to do in this historic city – whether you plan to visit Plaza de Toros (the bullring that can hold up to 5000 spectators), the best preserved Arabic baths in ALL of Spain, or the Mondragon Palace – the lush river valleys surrounding the city of Ronda are sure to take your breath away, and we’re not just saying that.

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    Ronda Will Take Your…

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